The Hangrees | Toy Review

This week we have been sent a new toy for the boys to review, The Hangrees. Prior to being asked if we wanted to take a look I hadn’t heard of them before but I have a feeling they will become the next big thing this winter.

What are Hangrees?

Hangrees are plastic toys that are a paradoy of well known characters, fast food joints, and programs. The idea is that you feed your character in order to make them poo!

Yes you read that right, you make up a concoction, feed it to your Hangrees, give them a shake and then strategically place them over the loo that they come with, lift their legs and watch as funny coloured poo releases from their bottom.

Hangrees are quite possibly the most disgusting toys I have ever seen, which means it goes without saying that my boys, especially the 6 year old, absolutely loved them.

From the minute our parcel arrived he was giggling away at the contents

3x Hangrees

A whoopee cushion



Reeces peanut plops

and I must admit I might have had a little giggle myself too!

There are different characters to collect, we received Fartnite, 5 nights of farts and chew-Kaka and now the tiddler wants to add Harry Plopper to his Christmas list!


Each box of The Hangrees contains

The Hangrees character

Their box of parody food

A toilette

a packet of powder

a texture packet

instruction sheet

Our review of the Hangrees toys

I was a bit worried this was going to be complicated to do but it was actually really easy and the boys could do it on their own. You simply add the two small packets to some water, pour it inside your characters mouth, give him a good shake, and then sit him on the loo, raise his leg and watch him poo!


What I hadn’t realised was that if you leave the poo/slime for about 15 minutes it starts to settle to form a more usable/playable slime meaning that although the initial “fun” of the activity is over in minutes you can continue to play with not just the character but also the slime for ages after.

You can imagine how much this pleased my kids!

The Hangrees  available from Amazon and are pretty good value for money, especially if you have kids that love slime or poo (or both) and fancy a giggle.

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(We were gifted The Hangrees in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own).