Personalised Baby Clothing By Sonality | Review

I am a huge fan of personalised items and often buy personalised gifts for family and friends, my favourites usually being personalised books. However, I have recently been introduced to a company called Sonality where you can order personalised baby clothing. Now my initial reaction was that I am not a huge fan of kids walking round with their name on the outside of their clothes because if a stranger approaches them and uses their name a child is less likely to be suspicious but Sonality offers so much more than just named clothing, they offer a complete blank canvas for you to design and personalise any way you like.

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From baby grows with funny captions to uploading art work onto jumpers, the only limitations when it comes to personalised baby clothing by Sonality is your imagination. You can either take full creative control yourself or get the kids on board to design their own unique clothes, or even create matching tops for an event or group.

When I was invited to create something I was really excited but my excitement soon turned to a feelings of overwhelm when I remembered I was the least artistic person I know and I couldn’t for the life of me think of any witty comments, clever slogans, or impressive designs. However, having had a good look around the website I realised that my lack of creative juices was not going to be an issue as there were loads of designs to choose from, basic pictures you can upload without having to create your own, and lots of inspiration available too.

I eventually decided that as we are so unorganised for the arrival of our new addition due in November and have bought very, very, few items of clothing for him/her as of yet that a special personalised baby grow would be the way forward and as we don’t know the gender I thought this gorgeous grey stripped number was perfect.

personalised baby clothing

Now I know I said I don’t like names on clothing at the start of this article yet here I am ordering a baby grow with Baby Brown on it but let’s be honest this baby isn’t going to respond to Baby Brown any more than it will to sausage, pumpkin or newbie at this stage so I think we’re safe.

Once I had decided what I wanted to order the process was so quick and easy and the baby grow arrived in a matter of days and the quality is brilliant. The actual baby grow itself is thicker than I expected and the printed slogan and glittery crown are so well embedded that there is no fear of them peeling off at all, well worth the £12.99. Now I just have to wait for November to be able to see my baby in it and most probably order a few more in pink or blue.

Check out the Sonality website and get creative designing your pieces of personalised baby clothing for your little ones..

(We were gifted this baby grown in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own).