5 Things that can Inspire you when Choosing a Baby Name

Congratulations, you’re expecting a baby! But what are you going to name them? Picking a baby name can be so difficult, after all this name will stay with your child for their entire life so getting it right is important and can feel like quite the responsibility. If you are currently struggling to choose a name for your baby then here are 5 things that might inspire you.

First things first thought, which names are vetoed?

It is important that you and your partner both get the chance to veto certain names and it is recommended that you do this early so the other one doesn’t fall in love with a name and then find out it’s a definite no. There are many reasons why you might veto a name, it could be the name of their ex (awkward) or a school bully, it could be a name they simply can’t stand or one that they know a close friend or relative wants to use and they do’t want to use it first. Whatever the reason agree on a number of names (no more than 3) that you can veto and create this list first, remember this isn’t a list of names you don’t really like it’s a list of ‘absolutely no way are we using that’ names. The non negotiables.

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First thought

Now you have your absolutely not names sit down and create a list of about 5-10 names each that you like. Don’ think too long or hard about it just write down the first few names that you quite like. Sometimes those early ones are the best and you find yourself coming back to them, especially if when you compare lists you have both chosen the same one. This activity is also great for seeing if you are both veering towards the same style, length of name or even initials, which makes for a great starting point.

Think about meaning

One place you can look for baby name inspiration is to the meaning and message of the name. Would you like your child to have a name that has a special meaning? If so consider what that meaning is first and then use google to see if there is a name that corresponds with it and, more importantly, if you like that name.

For example you may want to name your child something that reflects the fact they were a rainbow baby (Iris) or that they defied the odds (Aateh). You may believe that a name can influence a personality trait and therefore want to name them something that they can live u to like strength (Audrey) or happiness(Bonnie), this can be seen as almost granting them a wish in the form of a name.

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Look at your family names

Would you like to keep a family tradition going and name your child after their father or another relative? Perhaps you have recently lost a oved one and would like to honour their memory by passing on their name. If you like this idea but aren’t keen on the names look at variations of the same name, for example Elizabeth could become Eliza or Beth, William could become Will or Billy. If you don’t have any relatives that you want to name your child after then why not look back at the family history across the two families and see if any of the names inspire you or if there is a common name that could unite the two.

Countries and religions

Gone are the days of having to stick to certain names within your own religion and culture, you can now get inspiration from all cultures and countries. One place to look for religious inspiration is of course the bible and other religious teaching materials. For name that aren’t as common in your area you might want to consider names that are Arabic like Layla, or Russian names like Maxim. Maybe you want a name that represents where you met or a special holiday you have shared together, the world really is your oyster when it comes to selecting a name.

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Literature and films

If after trying all of the above you are still struggling to find inspiration for you baby’s name then how about looking to the world of literature or film. Think of the names of your favourite characters, authors, actors or actresses and whether any of them resonate with you. We picked our sons name after hearing it on Holyoaks of all places!

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