Draw out and doodle on – A games night review

Just before Christmas we started a new family tradition, Saturday games night.  It brings us all together and ensures we have some quality, technology free, family fun and it has been a huge hit with the boys. A couple of weeks ago the team at Tactic games UK sent us a new game to try out, Junior Draw Out and doodle on and we couldn’t wait to give it a try. You can read our full review below.

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What is Draw Out?

Draw out is a family game aimed at children aged 5 and over. The aim of the game is to draw what is on your card and get  the other players to guess what it is before the time runs out. If they guess correctly you both move forward. What you draw depends on what category spot you land on.

The game is best played at a table but is quick to set up and doesn’t require any extra materials.

draw out

Our review of Draw Out

As a game we loved it. It was quick to set up with only a few simple rules and it was easy to play with small children.  The main aspect of the game is reliant on you  being able to draw well and quick. This was a bit of a problem in our house as art is not our strong point. My pictures were very basic, stick man like, doodles, with every picture looking more or less the same, the big’un was really using his imagination and creating some “interesting” objects and the tiddler’s drawing were simply hilarious. There were a few times when we were simply guessing things based on the category and not the drawings themselves, luckily for us this just added to the hilarity of it all as we are all as bad as each other. Although there was the occasional frustrated strop thrown in too!

Although I wouldn’t necessarily count this as an educational game there was an element of learning taking place as the kids had to try very hard with their reading to know what to draw and were also learning what items could be classified as what category. If you want to you could certainly create some learning opportunities through this game.

draw out A trumpet!


Overall we loved this game and think it is one to reommend for families with a mixture of older and younger kids as it doesn’y feel to ‘babyish’ but also isn’t too hard for the younger ones, a good balance.

Draw out has definitely become a new family favourite for game night, what are your family favourite games?