Flip Out Chester | A Mid-week Toddler Time Session

The tiddler and I have our special Fridays together where it is just the two of us. These are becoming more and more precious as the weeks move forward as he will be starting school this September and so I try and make sure we have lots of fun. Our Fridays usually involve, swimming, trips to our favourite cafe, Chester zoo or exploring Helsby hill and the quarry but this week the weather was awful and I didn’t fancy a swim. I was leaning towards a trip to an overpopulated hell hole known commonly as a play area, when a quick google search brought up the toddler session at Flip Out. We have visited a similar trampoline park for my eldest sons birthday and the whole family enjoyed it so I thought we would give it a try.

What is Flip Out toddler time?

The Flip Out toddler time is a session that takes place on Fridays at 11 am. It costs £2.50 each, plus an additional £1.50 for socks if needed and you get to bounce for an hour. So altogether it cost me £8 for the two of us and we get to keep the socks. Next time, if I remember to bring the socks, it will only cost £5.

Our review

Overall, I was extremely impressed with Flip Out as a whole. The safety precautions are taken very seriously, with waivers to be signed, a video to be watched and staff on every activity, which felt very reassuring. There were multiple activities including a ninja warrior station which looks amazing and exactly like the sort of thing the big’un would love.  They also have what looks like an old gladiator style beam where you can fight your opponent with what can only be described as a giant ear cleaner, some slides and lots of seating areas for spectators.

Despite there being sections the tiddler could not enjoy due to age restrictions there was plenty for us to do including a separate toddler section with foam pit, a play area, basketball bouncing courts and a free run section. We were spoilt for choice and by the end of the hour we were both exhausted and had had the best time. We will certainly be returning as a family of four sometime soon and I might even have to instigate an adult only session so that I can try my hand at the ninja warrior course.

Important note about Flip Out toddler time

I think it is important to point out to anyone that is reading this and thinking of booking some toddler time that despite it be advertised as an hour toddler time and it being cheaper than the usual fee, this one hour slot is not exclusively for the under 5’s as I had imagined. We were bouncing along with some older children, teenagers and even a group of young men, which to be fair, did not cause us a problem but I did think I had booked for a toddler safe bounce where I wouldn’t need to worry about my tiddler being squashed by an overexcited adult trying to perform a three point triple dipper spin drop having not been on a trampoline since the age of 5!

So if you do book the toddler time session at Flip Out just be aware that it is still a public session.

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