The bathroom makeover

This year is the year of hard work and house renovations and our first project is the en suite. When we moved in to our new house in Chester we were over joyed to have an en suite with a bath and although not decorated to our taste, there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it and it remained that way for three years. But now it is time to put our stamp on it and start the bathroom makeover.

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The reason we are starting this now and not waiting the extra year as planned is because just before Christmas a pipe started to leak under the bathroom sink, which wouldn’t have been to much of a problem if it wasn’t for the carpeted floor. As you can imagine a soaking wet carpet in a bathroom only leads to what can be described as the bog of eternal stench and with only a couple of weeks before our guests came to join us for Christmas, we had to rip up the carpet and admit we had an out of use bathroom. Not ideal, not ideal at all, especially when this meant we only had a shower in the house with two boys who love to get dirty but are, apparently, afraid of showers!

Go figure.

bathroom makeover

After two long months of an en suite with no flooring, we were finally able to get our new bathroom fitted and the bathroom makeover is fantastic, even if I do say so myself. It has gone from a dated bathroom to a much more modern, spa style one, somewhere I can retreat to and de-stress, or at least that’s the dream.


We opted for floor to ceiling tiles, definitely no carpet, all in the same creamy, brown shades. We originally found some we liked in B&Q but on a trip to Wickes to pick a kitchen there were some near identical tiles on offer in the entrance. The offer was so amazing that we ended up buying these ones there and then.

bathroom makeover

We bought the toilette and the sink from B&Q and once again as pure luck would have it our sink was on offer, as were the taps. We picked out a towel rail and opted for one of the more expensive ones because in my opinion it didn’t have the rather ugly silver bolt covers on like the rest and much so our surprise and absolute delight we found this was also reduced when we got to the till.

bathroom makeover

When planning this bathroom I really wanted a Jacuzzi bath but the prices were astronomical, when you consider all you do is wash in it. Plus,  when we measured our bathroom we found we had a smaller than usual gap which significantly reduced our choices of Jacuzzi bath and increased the price but with the extra savings we made on some of the unexpected bargains we decided to have another quick look and once again it was like the bathroom fairy was smiling down on us because we found one. And boy am I glad we did.

It felt like a long two weeks with a house full of dust but the results are totally worth it.

bathroom makeover