5 Tips for a Practical and Stylish Family Bathroom

Designing a family bathroom can be a challenging task.

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Along with balancing style and practicality, it needs to cater to everyone’s needs – from the children and teenagers to the adults. Choosing between fittings, fixtures and décor styles can feel overwhelming if you’re starting from scratch. In this guide, we’ve explored five key tips to help you create the perfect bathroom space for your family.

Designing the perfect family bathroom in 5 steps

1. Choose your surfaces and materials

Any family bathroom needs to be durable and stain resistant.

Try to choose hard-wearing materials like porcelain tiles, quartz or stone basins, and acrylic or faux tile shower surrounds. Easy-clean materials make life easier, with spillages and accidents sorted out after just a quick wipe with a cloth. If you have young children, you should try to incorporate a large bathtub and a walk-in shower for extra convenience.

Just remember to keep your bathroom proportionally functional according to space.

2. Define your style

Remember, just because it’s the bathroom, it doesn’t need to mean that it should be a plain or simple space. You can still strike a balance between functionality and style by incorporating the right design elements. These should be practical, stylish, and in line with your tastes.

Try to choose a cohesive colour scheme and only add features that enhance the overall function, effect, or aesthetic value of your bathroom. Use your home décor as a reference point to inform your choices. For example, statement illuminated mirrors look bold and beautiful in the bathroom, especially when paired with ceramic pots and other bathroom ornaments.

3. Add useful storage

Ample storage solutions will help you and your family to keep toiletries, towels, and bath time toys stowed away and out of sight.

Whether you choose vanity units with build-in drawers or wicker cabinets for a natural aura. In top-floor bathrooms or those with concave ceilings, choose the tallest part of the room to install extra storage like tall, slimline cabinets or floating shelves. There, you can create the perfect home for decorative items and houseplants.

Under-sink storage is perhaps the most popular choice, but don’t be afraid to experiment with built-in options for your space.

4. Make it child-friendly

Child-friendly features help to make your daily routine seamless.

From the school run to bathtime before bed, try to think about features that facilitate the way you and your child use the bathroom. Try to choose round, soft features and avoid hard corners wherever possible. On your fittings, make sure to choose soft-close doors, drawers and toilet seats to protect your children’s hands.

User-friendly taps and levers make all the difference to help build a child’s confidence, too. Remember to keep beauty products out of children’s reach: wall-mounted or smart-close storage options could give you the most peace of mind.

5. Make it spacious

Finally, remember to allow as much space as possible.

Contact-free, sensor mirrors and cabinets increase comfort and aesthetics, while vertical radiators and slimline storage help to maximise floor space. You can also create the illusion of more space by avoiding dark bathmats and other heavy textiles. Instead, opt for light linen or natural jute.

You don’t need to add every feature you can think of, especially if it leaves the bathroom feeling overcrowded. Try to focus on creating a practical and delightfully functional space for your family!