Storage Solutions For All Occasions With LifeWit

Storage seems to be a popular topic of conversation at the moment.

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What do you use?    Where did you get it from?     How would you solve a problem like this?

Personally I think this is due to two factors. One is the increasing love for open plan designs. People are knocking down walls and opening up their living spaces which looks beautiful but it does dramatically decreases the amount of places where you can lean cupboards and hang shelves meaning there are fewer nooks and crannies left for hiding those items that you want or need to keep but don’t wont on display.

The second reason for the increase in storage chat is due to interior and lifestyle influencers like Stacey Soleman and Mrs Hinch who regularly showcase their incredibly organised, neat and aesthetically pleasing, innovative storage solutions as well as the ever popular TV shows that are dedicated to showing us how to declutter our homes and simplify everything by using organisers and storage systems.

So, if you are one of those people that needs to find the perfect storage solutions for their home then look no further than LifeWit. Whether you are living in chaos and need a whole house overhaul or simply want to smarten up one rooms Lifewit have a storage solution for you. They have everything from individual boxes to more intricate draw dividers and the prices really are affordable so getting organised wont break the bank.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your house look neater is by hiding all the “bits”. This could be remotes or gaming paraphernalia that always looks messy but are used daily so need to be to hand or extra nappies and wipes for the baby that you want to keep in the lounge but don’t want on display.

Whatever it is you want to hide these Lifewit collapsible boxes are perfect. They come in sets of 6 and you can choose from 2 different sizes and 4 different colours and the prices start from as little as £15.

If the storage issues you are having go beyond the day-to-day clutter, toys and remotes then perhaps the Lifewit under bed storage containers would be better.  These are great for storing things like out of season or holiday clothing, spare bedding and towels or old teddies and baby blankets that you just can’t part with. They are really sturdy as the bottom and 4 sides are fitted with firm straight boards, making the organizer stand upright when it’s empty or full which will protect your items from being crushed. The fact they slot away neatly under the bed means they are easily accessible when you need them but not in the way when you don’t and the clear panel means you can see what you have packed in each one without having to open them all up and search through everything, brilliant for using when moving house.

So whether you want some stylish storage solutions where you can dump the junk or somewhere more flexible to hide the overflow Lifewit have a product for you.