Best Pet-Friendly Flooring for the Home

Your family pets are classed as members of your family more than an addition to it, and they can cause just as much havoc in the home as a child would.

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Pet proofing your home is even more of a necessity for today’s pet owners and just when you think you have everything covered, there is always one more surprise you didn’t want to present itself.

Some areas can be implemented in your home to prevent your puppy or kitten from rampaging around your house and destroying the look and style.


The bathroom is the number one curious area for pets, especially with cats who just find a fascination with the room in general. For some strange reason they just cannot keep out and that requires a lot of secure items within the room.

Cabinets and cupboards in the bathroom require childproof latches to ensure they don’t spill out any bleaches or chemicals stored for cleaning and be sure that any small spaces or holes behind fixtures are fully blocked. This will prevent them from getting stuck within the walls and tearing up your house in a rescue. Cats are naturally curious animals and the last thing you want is to have to pull a wall to pieces to rescue your furry family member.

Consider the lowest price Amtico flooring for your bathroom floor as it can be cut to specifics and reduce those spaces in the flooring – as well as prevent scratches from growing claws. If your kitten in training decides to have a little accident in the bathroom, it is easily cleanable without seeping through any cracks.


When it comes to your bins and anywhere with leftover food, be sure that they are cleaned out or kept tucked out of the way to prevent waking up to your kitchen looking like a rubbish tip. Also, be sure that any foods are kept out of reach as the wrapping could be harmful and put that butter tray in the fridge at night, so they do not end up pushed off of the counter to get a tasty little treat.

When these clean-ups are required, having specialist chemicals around the kitchen also prove a threat, so keep them locked away safely out of their reach. Consider luxury vinyl flooring for this heavy-duty area of the house due to its easy clean and maintenance quality, where a quick mop and sweep will make sure your floor stays clean and does not stain from spilt sauces or pet food spillages, you can literally clean your vinyl in minutes.

Living Room

Your four-legged friends will want to scratch absolutely anything, so be sure to provide them with scratching posts if they are a cat and keep an eye on puppies who need to go outside and will scratch at the floor by the door.

Also, don’t forget those tails will tend to knock glasses and cups off of your coffee table and cause a lot of spills over time. So, consider using vinyl planks or tiles in this room also to prevent damage that a carpet or real hardwood floor would fail to recover from inexpensively.

With scratch guard technology and high stain and moisture resistance, it may be the best move that can last upwards of 25 years. Pet proofing your home does not mean you have to sacrifice style for security.