Our first My Pet Gift Box Review

Subscription boxes are all the rage at the moment. You can get them full of craft items for the children, beauty products for the ladies, alcohol for adults and even boxes for your pet from My Pet Gift Box. I wasn’t sure if these pet gift boxes were a great idea or totally ludicrous but either way I wanted to give them a try and see what Buddy, our cocker spaniel, would think of them. Below is all the information you need as well as our full My Pet Gift Box Review, I hoe it helps if you are thinking of signing up.

What is My Pet Gift Box?

My Pet Gift Box is a company that offer pretty much what the title suggests, gift boxes for your pet, or at least your dog or cat. They offer boxes that can be delivered monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly and also have gifts that can be bought as one off’s for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas.

The subscription boxes for your dog start at £24.99 and boxes for cats start at £19.99. Once you have chosen your type of pet you can then select

the regularity in which you would like the boxes to arrive,

the size of your dog/cat,

its life stage,

the type of treats your dog/cat likes

and what type of toys they like.

This ensures that all the items included in your gift box can be enjoyed by your pet, making sure you get good value for money.

What do you get in a My Pet Gift Box?

We were sent a puppy box for Buddy and it contained the following:

Kong Weave Knots teddy toy

THR Bizz ball

Pooch and Mutt fresh breath treats

Feelwells Healthy Natural training treats

Pawtato mint and parsley dog chew tubes 

Funky Dog Car air freshener

my pet gift box review

Everything in our box was suitable for Buddy and the toys were perfectly hard wearing which is exactly what he needs right now as he seems to chew and/or destroy everything in his wake. It was also great to be able to test out a few new brands of dog treats to see which ones he liked and most importantly which ones he is most likely to return for when we are practicing his recall.

Overall My Pet Gift Box Review

Despite my initial reservations these boxes are pretty cool and good value for money. They are a great way to try out new brands without the hassle of shopping around or worrying about wasting money.  The My Pet Gift Boxes would make a great gift for someone who has just got a new pet or as a Christmas gift for your own pet.

Although the subscription box was great and I love the idea of receiving these monthly I also think it’s worth pointing out that you can purchase a box as a one off, or order them monthly and if you do that you have even more choose. You can shop by breed of dog and then decide if you want a birthday box, toy box, treat box, bedtime box, box for a specific diet, etc.  The options appear endless, they even have a get well soon box which I wish I had known about sooner I would have ordered it for Buddy after his op last month.

If you are thinking about ordering a My Pet Gift Box I doubt you will regret it and definitely think they a re worth a try.