How To Help Your New Dog Settle In

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Getting a new puppy can be very exciting for everyone. It can also be a little bit overwhelming for both them and you as they do come with lots of responsibility too. Despite the excitement and overwhelm it is important that you if you are a first time dog owner that know how to help your new dog settle in quickly during those first few days and weeks. The best way to do this is to follow these top tips

How to help your new dog settle in to their new home

Be calm 

It is very important that when you  bring your new puppy into your home for the first time that the surroundings are nice and calm. This can be difficult as you will most likely be excited to play with them. It can be even trickier if you have excitable children too. But it is important that you try your best to allow the puppy to explore their new surroundings, have a sniff about and find somewhere they feel comfortable before everyone starts to pick them up and play with them. Trust me, they will soon want to cuddle and play but too much excitement and noise too soon may make them anxious and even home sick. You may even want to get a couple of calming sprays or plug ins to help to alleviate any anxiety that little bit sooner.

Show them to their toilette area

It is important that you show your new puppy where you want them to do their business as early as possible. You may even want to do this before you allow them to explore the house if they have just had a long car journey to your home. You will no doubt find that if they are not house trained already that they will have some accidents, especially if they are excited and playing in those first few days, but if you regularly move them to the toilette area they should learn to associate the two very quickly. If you’re new puppy isn’t house trained yet then try using puppy pads as this will absorb any liquid quickly and also protect your floors and carpets. 

Allocate them a specific area

Before your new puppy comes to stay decide where you want their area to be. Then when they do arrive you can allow them to have a look around the home but you can also show them to their area where they can go and chill out and stay away from the noise and chaos they may not be used to. This specific area could be a nice comfy dog bed in the corner of a room, a crate where you want them to sleep or even a certain chair. The area itself doesn’t matter as long as it will work for both you and the puppy and they have free access to it at all times just remember to make sure you they have a few of their favourite things like chew toys as well as some nice soft blankets. We recommend the Faux Fur blankets from Doddlebone as they are lovely and soft on one side and super silky on the other. They are versatile and best of all, durable for those teething puppies. 

Be clear about boundaries from day one

If you know you don’t want the puppy to go on your furniture, in certain rooms, or on your beds then this needs to be in place from day one. If you allow them in or on these places at first and then try and change this behaviour later it will be more difficult for you and confusing for the dog. Consider how big the puppy will get and if that makes a difference as they wont understand that they are suddenly too big for the comfy chair that they have been sleeping on for the last two years but now aren’t allowed on. Also consider what rooms they can and can’t go in and where ever possible make sure you have the best pet-friendly flooring in these rooms. 

Supervise him as he explores

As your puppy has a look around the house make sure someone stays with them and keeps an eye on him. You don’t have to be right on top off him but make sure you can see what he is doing. You may have taken great care to puppy proof your house but it is easy to miss things which will become apparent when your puppy gets there. It’s amazing what a determined inquisitive little puppy can find! It’s also worth making sure that the whole family are aware of common foods which are toxic to dogs so they can be extra vigilant around meal times too.

how to help your new dog settle in

Ensuring Your Pet’s Safety

No matter how comfortable and secure your home environment is, it’s always possible for your new furry friend to wander off. This is where investing in a pet identification accessory becomes essential. Custom dog tags don’t just add to your pet’s aesthetic, but they are critical for the safety and well-being of your pet. They significantly increase the chances of a safe return if your pup manages to find its way out of your home. Imprinting your contact details and perhaps a note indicating that your dog is newly housed could be invaluable. Doing this ensures your pet’s safety and helps them understand they’re part of a caring family, aiding in the settling-in process. The ID tags are reasonably cheap and can attach to most collars. The one we recommend is the padded collar from doodlebone as it’s soft and comfy which can be especially helpful for new puppies that aren’t use to wearing a collar.

You may also want to invest in a puppy camera so that you can see how your new addition copes when you are not in the house. Using a camera will mean that you can see if and for how long, your puppy is upset for when you leave as well as how they self soothe and entertain themselves when alone. This information will give you peace of mind that they are okay or will allow you to make changes to keep them safe and happy in the future.