Christmas Presents For Dogs

Buying Christmas presents for dogs is absolutely a thing now. They don’t even have to be your dog, you can, and probably should, buy for the dogs that belong to your closest family members and even your best friends. You see most people view their dog as one of their kids and if you would, or do, buy for their children then I suggest you think about buying Christmas presents for their dogs too. However, that being said these gifts do not need to be expensive they can just be a token gesture like a new toy or accessory.

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To help you get some inspiration I have put together a list below of perfectly acceptable Christmas presents for dogs.

Squeaky toy

Squeaky toys are the perfect go to Christmas presents for dogs as they are loved by most and as they are played with so much they need replacing regularly so it really doesn’t matter if your dog already has one. This fake news squeaky toy is also great for those that love to torment your paper boy/girl as it looks like a rolled up news paper with a hidden squeaker inside and is priced at £10 from Kikkerland.

A scented toy

If you want to upgrade the squeaky toy then how about opting for one that not only squeaks but that is also scented too. This chicken dog ball by Kikkerland smells like chicken and has a super long squeak, brilliant for play time.

Beauty products

Oh yes you read that right, you can absolutely buy beauty products for your dog and good ones at that! Sniffe and Likkit are a brand we have used before and we love them. They have created lovely gift sets that contain

  • Give A Dog Cologne Fur Coat Conditioning Mist 50ml
  • Fragrant Fur Coat 3-in-1 Shampoo 50ml
  • 4 x Wippets fragrant and refreshing paw-kit cleansing wipes
  • Scent Somethin’ Nice hanging scented sachet

All for only £17.

They also have these products available in a wash bag or in the cues little crackers. so whether you want to splurge, stick to £17 or spend a little less you will find something for your pet and your budget over at Sniffe and Likkit.


A spa kit

This Kikkerland spa kit gift set is super cute and would make a great table gift for your dog on the big day. It contains a wellness booklet, a mini body massager, hair brush, nail file and lint sponge. It all comes in the small tin making it perfect for taking with you when you’re travelling with your furry companion.

Treat filled toys

If you are looking for Christmas presents for dogs that are suitable for those filled with energy or those that need to be occupied when left alone so they don’t get bored and eat your couch, then treat filled toys are a fantastic idea.

This large cupcake treat dispenser is perfect for keeping your dog busy for ages. You can fill it with their favourite snacks and watch as they chew to their hearts content desperately trying to get those treats out. As well as keeping your dog occupied and out of mischief it also offers them mental stimulation. If you think the large will be too big for your dog then they also offer a smaller one.

Another option for a treat filled toy is the Brightkins magic wand treat dispenser. This toy is great for training activities and can be used at home or on the go. Simply flick the wand to release a treat. At only £8 this is a great Christmas present for dogs and could be teamed with a small packet of training treats too.

christmas presents for dogs


I’m pretty sure all dogs like treats so why not use Christmas as an excuse to get them stocked up on some delicious ones. You can even opt for Christmas themed treats like these ones from the award winning Lily’s Kitchen who create all natural, nasty free, pet food.

The Lily’s Kitchen limited addition festive range includes:

Three Bird Feast for Dogs – perfect for their Christmas lunch.

Cracking Festive Treats for Dogs – presented in a lovely tin and full of Festive Turkey Jerky, Scrumptious Duck & Venison Sausages, and Best Ever Beef Mini Burgers.

Festive Turkey Jerky Treats for Dogs – grain-free and made with natural ingredients, perfect for an afternoon treat.

Christmas presents for dogs

Bounce and Bella

Bounce & Bella offer premium, grain free, treats for your dog.  They are tasty, healthy and have no hidden additives or nasties so you can relax knowing your dog is getting the best possible ingredients. Bounce & Bella have a range of products and flavours available so you are sure to find a Christmas present they will love.

Treats without meat

If, for whatever reason, you prefer to feed your dog treats without meat then you need to check out the rage of food from W’zis?. They have ca selection of treats to choose from that are colourful, playful, meaningful and vegan friendly. Even if your dog isn’t vegan reducing the amount of meat or meat based products they consume can help the environment so purchasing from W’zis? is a win for everyone.

There range includes some pretty interesting treats like the bauble treat tins that are available in three flavours

Postman & Roast

Slipper & Biscuit

Lamp post & chips

And the Dubya chews which are larger, longer lasting and more interesting than regular chews and even have a fillable groove, as well as the Fang chews which tickles gums and clean teeth.

The feel good gift

If you are looking for something a little different, then how about a gift that keeps on giving?  Animal welfare charity, Miracle’s Mission allows you to buy a gift for both your dog lover and a needy rescue dogs and cats that are waiting to be fostered. You can purchase a special Christmas dinner or toy that will go to the animal in need and also get certificate to give to your animal loving friend or family member to show them what good deed has been done in honour of them.

Advent calendar

If you can’t wait till the big day itself to buy Christmas presents for your pets then why not start early by treating them to an advent calendar. These ones by Lily’s kitchen are great and provide a treat a day. They also have a feline friendly version too.

The design is also pretty cute and wouldn’t look out of place alongside the advent calendars for the rest of the family, just make sure you don’t open the wrong one!

There you have it. Our list of Christmas presents for dogs. I’m sure you will agree there is a good selection of ideas to help get you started and I’m sure that whatever you pick your four legged friend will love it.

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