Catch A Bug Wooden Fishing Game | Review

There is something special about wooden toys. I’m not sure what it is, whether it’s the fact they are eco-friendlier and more sustainable, are hard wearing and usually really good quality, or that they just look nicer than plastic games. But whatever the reason wooden toys are always more appealing to me, especially when buying them as gifts for others. Over the last month I have been introduced to a new brand of wooden toys, Kidoki by Kikkerland and I have been really impressed. One of the toys we have been sent to review is their Catch A Bug Wooden Fishing Game.

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Catch A Bug Wooden Fishing Game

Catch A Bug comes with 11 magnetic wooden bugs and plants. Each one is colourful and eye catching, not to mention pretty cute too.

wooden fishing game

There are also two froggy fishing rods with a little magnet on the end of the piece of string that has been made to look like the frog’s tongue.

wooden fishing game

Plus, the instruction leaflet also doubles up as a pond if you turn it over.

The aim of the game is to catch as many of the plants and bugs as you can and collect more than your opponent in order to be crowned the winner.

Our review

The first thing I noticed was how well the game is packaged. Each individual piece is wrapped in tissue to prevent them from getting knocked or scratched in the box. The pieces themselves are lovely and feel good quality and are clearly made to last.

The game itself is simple yet effective. It can be played solo or as two players competing against each other. As well as being fun it is brilliant for helping children with their hand eye coordination, concentration and insect/bug recognition, so it doubles up as an educational game too.

For me this game is great. It is perfect for those aged 3 and over and the fact that it comes in a relatively small box and doesn’t require lots of room also means that it would be a great travel toy for taking on holiday or even just out for meals to entertain the children at the table.

If you are a fan of wooden toys then I highly recommend you check out Kidoki by Kikkerland as they are very reasonably priced and would make great gifts for preschoolers.

Kidoki also have some craft activities such as the Make, Decorate and Play 3D safari which looks great fun.

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