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Christmas table gift ideas

table gifts

One of our family traditions that my mum started many years ago is that the host puts a table gift on each place mat at dinner, nothing too expensive, just a nice token gift that we all open together. Since we started hosting Christmas dinner a couple of years a go it is a tradition that I have continued doing.


I understand many people will wonder why on earth we do this, people already get so many gifts and this is just another added expensive, however I always set a £15 limit per person and usually manage to get the gifts for closer to the £10 mark.

There are a few reasons why I have continued this tradition, mainly because I think it is lovely to all open a present together and it is also my way of saying thank you to my family to coming to us for Christmas as both my brother and my Nana have to travel miles from down South to be with us and by them doing the travelling it means I can stay at  home with my children. I also think that the boxes of presents make a lovely touch to my dressed table.

I also think table gifts are a great way to keep people, especially the children, entertained at the table whilst the food is being served and then again between courses, which is why the gifts for the kids are usually something they can do that isn’t to messy or noisy and can be stopped as and when the food comes out.


If you haven’t done this before then here are a few table gift ideas for children that I think are brilliant

Card games

Card games are a great table gift idea as they are easy to play and take up little room and these Top Quarkz ones from The remarkablz look brilliant. They are similar to top trumps and turn scientists into superheros and help develop math, English and decision making skills so are educational as well as fun, which is always a bonus. They are suitable for ages 6 and over and cost £9.95.


table gifts


A colouring book 

A colouring book is another great Christmas table gift as it can keep them busy for ages and can be done on their own or with someone else at the table and can be started and stopped and picked back up whenever they want to throughout the day. When opting for a colouring book for the dinner table we usually look for Christmas themed ones but this year as the children are a bit older the Newtons Rainbow colouring book has caught my attention. It has 35 colouring pages as well as 4 design your own super hero sections which sound really cool, and at only £4.99 it is well within our table present budget.

table gift

Complete art set

If you are having children over for dinner that aren’t your own or maybe you don’t have children living in your own home then the complete art set is a great idea as it has everything they need so you don’t need to worry about them bringing crayons or hunting some out on the day. This complete art set from Smiggle contains colouring sheets, stickers and scented markers and is only £7 but looks like it costs more.

Surprise gifts

Surprise gifts are so popular with children these days and they make for a great distraction at the table. These surprise eggs from Smiggle look fab and each one contains an eraser, either dinosaur or unicorn related and at only £4.50 you could team it with a new pad and some pencils so they can practice writing or mark making and then using their new eraser to make it vanish. These will also be great if you have more than one child as they can compare which ones they got and which ones they can hope to collect throughout the year.

World Eraser Egg

Nail Art

Nail art is another option as it is easy to use, takes up little room and can be started and stopped between courses. It can also involve the whole family if you are brave enough to let the little ones loose on your nails on the big day. These nail stickers from Smiggle are only £3.50 but offer up the potential for hours of fun with over 175 sticker in each pack.

So there you have it my top tips for children’s Christmas table gifts to keep them happy and entertained this year. If you have any more ideas then feel free to add them to the comments and i’ll be sure to check them out.


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