Fireworks At Bolesworth | Review

Last night we were invited to the fireworks at Bolesworth to celebrate the end of their Autumn events. For those that haven’t been to Bolesworth before it is situated in the Cheshire countryside surrounded by fields, making it the perfect location for a firework display.

The event started at 5.30pm but the bonfire wasn’t getting lit till 7pm and fireworks were starting at 7.30pm so we headed over at 6.30pm which just so happened to be the same time that almost everyone else picked too! However, despite there being 5000 people in attendance and only one way in, and I think 3 ways out, the traffic and parking situation was handled excellently. When we first got int he queue I thought we would be waiting hours but the marshals had it all under control and I was really impressed.

One of the first things we noticed on arrival was that Bolesworth Castle itself was lit up in different colors with a couple of Halloween creatures making an appearance on the front of the building. It looked really pretty and entertained the kids whilst we queued to get in.

fireworks at Bolesworth

Once inside there was the bonfire, a bar, food and drink stands and, if you walked further down towards the pumpkin picking patch, there were also a couple of rides open for younger children too. So, plenty to keep you busy whilst you waited for the fireworks to start.

The fireworks stated a little later than expected but the staff kept everyone informed using a microphone and no one seemed to mind at all. Once the fireworks started they lasted for about 20 minutes and included some very beautiful ones which then finished with an amazing finale right above the castle.

For me my favourite part was that fact that the fireworks went off alongside music, this helped mask some of the louder bangs which I think made it feel less scary for the younger children but it also made it feel more fun and a bit like a mini party with a great atmosphere.

fireworks at Bolesworth

We chose to leave as soon as the fireworks finished as we had three children with us and it was a school night, however we did notice that the bar and food outlets were still open so the opportunity to stay a bit longer was there.

Overall, the fireworks at Bolesworth were brilliant and we had a lovely evening and although the event was a one night only thing if it goes ahead in 2023 I do recommend that you go and here are my top tips to help you get the most out of your visit

Top Tips

  • Arrive early if you don’t want to queue in your car to get in and then stay after the fireworks and let the majority leave first.
  • Take sparklers, we assumed they wouldn’t be allowed but actually saw lots of people with them and wished we’d taken some.
  • Take long sticks and big marshmallows as there are fire pits for toasting but no one manning these stations or selling any marshmallows nearby that we could see.
  • Book in advance, this event was sold out so don’t wait till the day as they had to cancel the on the door tickets.

If you are looking for things to do in Chester then always check out the Bolesworth event calendar as they have some wonderful events running throughout the year including, pumpkin picking and the Gandeys circus.