Boomf Review | Photos On Marshmallows

This has got to be the most bizarre confectionary I have ever come across. Marshmallows with photographs on – completely bonkers. Yet it totally works. Why? Because we live in a society that is obsessed with personalisation, selfies and food. When I first discovered Boomf I was instantly transported to Willy Wonkers factory, because, let’s face it, who else could dream this up?

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Well that dreamer was James Middleton, who along with business partner Andy Bell, developed the most adorable, unique and fascinating product I think I have ever seen. They named their creation Boomf as that’s “the sound of the marshmallows landing on you doormat.”

boomf review

How do you create your Boomf gift?

These are so easy to create you just upload 9 images from your phone, computer, facebook or instagram and add them to your cart. It really is that simple. And unless you spend ages agonising over who or what you would like to eat off a marshmallow, they can be ordered in less than 5 minutes.

Our Boomf Review

When I opened the box I was surprised at how clear the pictures were, especially the lighter ones. I was also impressed to find an additional print out of the pictures, this could be cut up and used at wallet pictures or framed and kept as a reminder. A lovely touch.

boomf review

These have got to be the go to gift for the person who has everything. A fantastic gift for all occasions, and definitely a talking point at any gathering. There are so many ways you could use Boomf, celebrate a birthday, create a story board, add text, who knows, someone might even use them to propose, the possibilities are endless.

boomf review

How practical are Boomf gifts?

Now, fascination aside, when buying an edible gift you need to think of the practicalities and these guys have nailed it. The box fits through the letter box so no worries about missing the delivery and being late with the gift. If unopened they last 6 months (3-5 days once opened), so if you like to be organised you can order them in advance. If you’re more of a last minute Lucy then you can order these and have them within 2 days and still appear to have put so much thought and effort into the gift that your friends will be blown away. Postage is free world wide and you can have them delivered to any address. A great way to send a meaningful gift to your family on the other side of the world without paying just as much for postage as you did for the gift.

How much do Boomf Marshmallow cards cost?

Now for the price. 9 4cm x 4cm marshmallow for £15. Initially I thought this was a bit expensive, at the end of the day you eat them. But having seen them and dreamt up endless scenarios when I could use these, I think that £15 for a personalised, unique, totally bizarre gift is worth it. I guarantee their reaction will be priceless.

O and did I mention the taste – double vanilla, delicious.


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