Betty Hula – Review

Since starting my blog I have had the opportunity to review lots of new brands and products that I otherwise may not have discovered. As a result of this I have become increasingly more aware of certain aspects and have been using more and more vegan and sustainable products were possible. One such brand that reinforces vegan values is Betty Hula and I was delighted to test out their products.

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What is Betty Hula?

BettyHula is a beauty brand that creates hand made products that are 100% vegan friendly and natural . They take a contemporary twist on traditional recipes and combines stylish, hand-finished mainly vintage glass packaging.

They are fun, fruity and affordable.

What products do Betty Hula offer?

Betty Hula have 10 main products that are available in different fragrances.

I was sent samples of the following 3 products

Champagne and Spice Shea butter moisturising cream,

Rum and Blackcurrant Shea butter moisturising cream

The secret wonder oil

betty hula

My first impressions

I found that both of the moisturising creams are rich and luxurious. They made my skin feel soft and smooth instantly and although the creams went on thick they quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated. I found that both fragrances were mild but still sweet and very girlie. My personal favourite was the Rum and Blackcurrant.

betty hula

The secret wonder oil has a stronger scent than the creams that reminded me of aromatherapy oils and beauty salons. As with most oils I found that a little goes a long way with this product and it also left my skin feeling lovely and soft.

All three products claim to be good for “relieving signs of stretch marks, scarring, dry/sensitive skin, combination skin, oily skin and for soothing sun burn.” A selection of versatile products that can help achieve lovely skin by using natural products.

Unlike my usual reviews this one is written after using mini sample sizes so I was unable to use them for as long as normal however I still managed to get a feel for the products.

(The opinions expressed in this review are mine alone. The products were provided by Betty Hula)