Slumbersac Sleeping Bag And Bath Poncho | Review

This week we have been testing out three Slumbersac products so that we can bring you our very own Slumbersac review.

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What is Slumbersac?

Slumbersac is an online retailer that specialises in sleeping bags for children. Not the camping type of sleeping bags but the everyday or night type sleeping bags that most parents but their babies in.

Slumbersac, however, don’t just offer sleeping bags for babies they also make sleeping bags for children of all ages and sizes too and even have ones with and without legs and arms in them.

Slumbersac sleeping bags are perfect for helping you to help your child to sleep and the range of sizes are extremely helpful for parents who have older children with disabilities that still like sleeping in the sleeping bags but have outgrown the more commonly found baby ones.


Slumbersac review

I was sent three items from slumbersac to review

a slumbersac baby sleeping bag with feet,

a slumbersac  children’s sleeping bag and a

slumbersac bath poncho.

Slumbersac sleeping bag with feet

The first item up for review is the baby sleeping with feet. This in itself is a fantastic idea for toddlers once they start to walk as it helps to prevents any falls when trying to stand up in their cots as they can actually use their legs to steady themselves. It also works for older children or more advanced toddlers as they can still walk around, get out of bed or simply keep it on in a morning to stay warm.

The design is a lovely unisex piece with a 2.5 tog. It is lovely and thick and very good quality. I tried it on my two year old and noticed that the zip zips down instead of up, this is a great safety feature as it prevents little fingers messing with zip in the night. As you can see from the pictures the sizes are very generous and it will definitely last a long time. To give a more accurate feel for sizes I tried it on my 5 year old and it also fits him, just. My advice would be if you want a snug fit go smaller, but my little one had no problem sleeping in this.

slumbersac review

Slumbersac children’s sleeping bag

The second sleeping bag I was asked to review was one for my five-year-old. Again, this is a large piece aged 5-10 which is quiet a big age range to cover. My son, who is five, has loads of room to grow into it so it really is an investment piece that will last years. Unlike the sleeping bag with feet this is trickier to maneuver in which could be an issue if your little one still gets up in the night to use the bathroom as they may fall but if they sleep through or are likely to remember to take it off when they wake up then it is great. 

We were sent the thinner children’s sleeping bag which is perfect for summer and the warmer evenings or it could even be used under a duvet in the winter. However I wouldn’t suggest using it on it’s own when camping as it is a little too thin for that.


 slumbersac review

Slumberac bath pancho

The slumbersac bath poncho is my favourite piece out of the three I was asked to review. I have always opted for bath ponchos for my babies for swimming lessons and for on holidays but once they hit three, I struggle to find them big enough. The bath poncho I was sent is aged 5-8 and is a lovely length for my five-year-old. We have used this poncho towel after the bath and at swimming and because it is long, fluffy and thick I am confident that he warms up quickly. This particular one is a great unisex towel for boys or girls as it is a nice bright yellow colour with a lion on the front but you can also choose from other styles including a pink one and a blue one. If you order direct from the website you also have the option to personalise the poncho towels which would turn them into a great Christmas gift.

The slumbersac bath poncho is 100% woven terry cotton making it so soft and absorbent and unlike many other bath ponchos we have tried before, the slumbersac ones come with hidden arm holes making it easier for your child to move around without the towel coming off or revealing too much skin.


If you are looking for bath ponchos or sleeping bags for older children then Slumbersac is definitely worth a look.