Thoughtfulness: The Secret Ingredient Of The Best Gifts

Whether you’re getting a late Christmas present or approaching a birthday, anniversary or any other kind of special occasion, you know you have a gift to get. However, you want to make sure that this one is a little extra special, beyond the usual gift voucher or money in a card. Thoughtfulness is the one constant of all the best gifts, but how do you give your loved one the thought that they deserve?


Make it theirs

Gifts are more than a nice possession we give them, they’re a way of showing our appreciation for the person we love. They can be a great way to celebrate your own relationship with them as well. Personalised gifts are a great way to celebrate the recipient. It can add a little personal style if you’re getting them an accessory, such as a piece of jewellery, or something cosy and comfortable like a bathrobe. One personalised gift idea that doesn’t involve putting their name on something is creating a photo display that they can proudly display in the home or office. Making their gift unique to them adds an extra little heart-warming appeal.

Find their passion

Almost every single person has one key interest or hobby that they consider a core part of their identity. To put it bluntly, everyone has a little nerdiness in them, you just need to find out what brings out their nerdy side. Not everyone wears those interests on their sleeves, either, but look at how they spend most of their time and do a little digging to find out what their passion is. There are plenty of amazing gift ideas for family members who love traveling who love traveling, for one, including scratch maps that let them see where they’ve journeyed in the past. For aspirant chefs, new accessories or recipe books can help them get even better at what they love. For movie fans, a framed poster of one of their all-time favourites will find a place of pride on their wall easily.

The giving matters, too

Whether you want a gift to be extra special or you simply want to make sure they give the kind of reaction that makes the moment feel all the better, you should think about how you present the gift, too. There are lots of creative ways to give gifts besides simply leaving it in their hands. You can hide it somewhere that they’re likely to discover it organically and have a little moment of surprise. You can create a mini game of treasure hunting in the home with clues for them to follow. Choose a method that fits the mood the gift is aiming for, whether it’s romantic, heart-warming, funny, or otherwise.

All too often, we see gift-giving as something to check off, a task to be gotten out of the way as soon as possible. Give yourself a little more time to sit down and really think about what drives the receiver. Think about their passions or focus on your own relationship with them to give gifts with a little more feeling.