Halloween Maize Maze And Pumpkin Picking At Bolesworth Castle | Review

Yesterday we went to the Halloween Maize Maze and did some pumpkin picking at Bolesworth castle. It was our first trip to Bolesworth Castle and both the grounds and the castle itself are impressive and having looked at their events calendar I think we will be visiting again very shortly.

Halloween Maize Maze

The Halloween Maize Maze at Bolesowrth Castle is lots of fun. The idea is to find your way to the exit without getting lost too many times on the way round. There are several numbered signs to look out for that you let you know you are going in the right direction and tell you a story on the way.

pumpkin picking at Bolesworth

The maze isn’t as big as I expected compared to other mazes we have done in the past and most of the twists and turns are pretty obvious with very little chance of getting lost. However, the maze is full of spooky surprises making it lots of fun.

Although the maze is Halloween themed it isn’t very scary, nothing jumps out at you or makes any noise and therefore I would say it is suitable for the whole family. We took three children aged 2,10 and 12 and they all enjoyed it.

Pumpkin picking at Bolesworth Castle

Once we managed to escape from the maze we went to do some pumpkin picking. We had never actually picked pumpkins before but we all enjoyed it so much that we will definitely be doing it again next year.

Entry to the pumpkin patch is free, you just need to pay for the pumpkins that you pick and they range in price from £2 to £16. You can use a measuring square to measure your pumpkin of choice before you pick it from the vine to make sure you know what size and therefore what price it is if you want. This is a really handy tool to make sure your kids don’t come back with massive, expensive pumpkins if you would prefer the usual medium to large ones that are best for carving.

You also get to take a wheelbarrow into the field with you, so you don’t need to worry about carrying them back to the car.

pumpkin picking at Bolesworth

The pumpkins don’t just range in size but also in colour with white, yellow, green and orange ones and the children loved exploring the patches and trying to find their favourites, the cutest and the most unusual ones they could.

pumpkin picking at bolesworth

Inside the pumpkin patch you will also find a couple of photo opportunities with creative boards as well as some fun facts and a pumkinology trail that the children can do if they wish.

pumpkin picking at Bolesworth

Next to the Halloween Maize Maze and pumpkin patch you will also find a covered picnic area where you can stay and have something to eat and drink and don’t worry if you haven’t brought anything with you as there is also a food van on site, as well as toilettes too.

Top Tip – wear wellies, it was very muddy when we were there, and we massively regretted not taking ours!

If you go pumpkin picking during the October half term then why not book tickets to see Gandeys Halloween Circus at Boleworth at the same time, it’s definitely worth watching. And if you are planning on going on the Sunday then be sure to stay for the Firework spectacular too.

If you are traveling over to Bolesworth and are looking for other activities to do nearby then try Cheshire Ice Cream Farm or Crocky trail.

If Halloween is your thing then one day Pumpkin picking may not be enough, how about booking a whole Halloween themed break for you and your family.