3 Activities You Can Do With The Whole Family

Spending time with your family is a special gift that people often take for granted until it is too late. It can be easier to spend time with different family members at different times doing different activities, but this means you may not get to spend as much time with each person as you would like and may even start to feel pulled from one to another, when you could in fact find multigenerational activities that are fun for the whole family instead.

Benefits of multigenerational activities

Finding hobbies or activities that the whole family can enjoy together can be beneficial for many reasons

  • No need to split your time between everyone
  • Children and grandchildren get quality time together
  • It improves mental health of all involved
  • Prevents loneness
  • Promotes better relationships
  • Creates shared interests
  • Helps to make incredible memories

Finding an activity that the whole family can enjoy can seem a little tricky at first but here are three great ideas to get you started and sometimes the fun can be in trying new things together until you pick the one that will last.

Carp fishing

Carp fishing is a great multi-generational family activity as it requires little physical exertion, so need for grandparents to feel they need to keep up with the grandchildren, but still feels physical in some way. It is also outside so the connection to nature will benefit every bodies mental health and allow them to soak up the fresh air and relax in their surroundings. Being near the water carp fishing will also lend itself to the fact that some members of the family can go off for walks around the area and return to the fishing site later should they want to stretch their legs, this is especially helpful for the children in the group. Carp fishing is also relatively easy to understand and suitable for all ages (if supervised) so again great for all members of the family to get involved with and learn together. If you would like to give carp fishing a go then have a look at these carp reels for sale and get you and your family kitted out.

multigenerational activities
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Rambling is also a great activity for everyone. It can give you the opportunity to discover new places as a family and make lasting memories as you explore new walks. Children can also have additional activities to do on route if they like, such as finding landmarks or collecting leaves and not to mention it is a wonderful opportunity for parents and grandparents to pass on their knowledge of the area, nature or other subjects during this time too. If you have members of them family that are unable to walk far then you may need to choose your routes carefully and plan in picnic stops or cafe breaks along the way too.

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Movie nights

If some members of the family are unable to be up and about on a regular basis, then perhaps consider an activity that takes place inside at a slower pace. In this instance organising a regular family movie night could work well for you. Have a set day once a month where you all meet up and watch a movie together with some delicious snacks and maybe even a drink or two. Take it in turns to pick a film and don’t worry if you think others won’t like your choice, they’ll get their turn. This is a great way of getting to share your interests as a family, introducing people to new genres or actors that they may not have considered before and then discussing the film at the end. Most films last approximately two hours so even if someone doesn’t like one particular film, they can spend the time thinking of all the reasons why it’s pants and share that at the end. If nothing else this will be a great way of opening up conversations within the family and getting to know each other better.

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There are lots of multigenerational activities available so why not start some new family traditions today and make some lovely memories in the process.