6 Top Insta Destinations For The Festive Season

Are you looking for the best Christmas vacation? Christmas is the most festive time of the year, and it also happens to be a fantastic holiday opportunity. 

Who should consider Christmas travel? If you are not the kind of person who enjoys family reunions during the festive time, this is definitely an option to consider. 

Additionally, if you need to relax at the end of a long year, Christmas at home may be too hectic. Instead, booking your Christmas break abroad can be the best way to de-stress in style! What better way to wish everyone a merry Christmas than to share a photo of yourself enjoying a festive cocktail on a sandy beach or inside a snowed-in hut? 

Unfortunately, travelling can affect your skin health, and that could appear in the photo! So if you want to remember your Christmas holiday in a positive light, you need to make sure your skin routine is ready for the following challenges:

  • Wearing a face mask on a long-haul flight
  • Airplane cabin air can dry out your skin
  • The stress and fatigue of the year can make your skin more sensitive

The next step for the perfect Instagramable Christmas photo is a dream-worthy destination!

Unsplash – CC0 Licence

#1. Lapland

Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland, is nicknamed the Santa Claus Village. Located by the Arctic Circle, the village will make you fall in love with the Christmas spirit again! It is the go-to place for everyone who dreams of a magical white Christmas. 

Christmas falls right in the middle of the Northern Light season. The best season to spot the lights is autumn or mid-spring, but the phenomenon occurs between August and April. The lights frequently appear in the sky in winter. If you choose accommodation in the Santa Forest, next to the village, you’ll be in one of the best spots to see the dancing lights in the sky. 

#2. The French Alps

Perhaps, you prefer the idea of an active Christmas, where you can ski and ice-skate to your heart’s content. The French Alps have many attractive ski resorts that are fully suited with individual chalets for an immersive feel. Can there be anything more exciting than a casual picture on top of a white slope on Christmas Day? 

Most ski stations still run ski lessons even during the Christmas break, so even beginners can have a blast! 

#3. Mickey Mouse’s home, Disneyworld

Nobody understood the role of dreams and imagination better than Walt Disney. So why not let the man himself take you through the festive season at Disneyworld? It’s worth checking for accommodations in the many park resorts as many deals are available all year round with travel operators, https://www.ocean-florida.co.uk/deals/villa-holidays/. Remember: there are four different worlds in the theme park, each suited with many hotel and villa options. So, for a brief moment, allow yourself to follow your dreams and celebrate surrounded by the characters of your childhood. 

#4. Christmas on an Australian beach

If you feel that Christmas is too cold in the UK, perhaps you need to greet Santa with a delicious fruity cocktail on a beach. After all, Christmas happens shortly after the winter equinox, the time of the year when the days are the shortest. Short days mean less direct sunlight exposure, which is one of the key triggers for seasonal affective disorders. So, a sunny Christmas could become the new merry celebrations! 

Australia is a favourite destination to fight off SAD symptoms in winter and has some of the best Christmas beaches, https://christmasinaustralia.com.au/where-to-spend-christmas-in-australia/. The Gold Coast is a popular destination for surfers, both beginners and pros. How about a Christmas photo surfing the waves in a Christmas-themed bikini? 

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#5. The country of Christmas markets

The UK has recently introduced a tradition of German markets, serving mulled wine, hot sausage sandwiches, and thin pancakes during the festive season. But, if you want a real experience of what German markets are like, you want to book a trip to some of the biggest and oldest markets in Germany. Dresden’s market has been running since 1434 and shares some of the best quality handcrafted items around the country. Nuremberg is another great choice, with one of the largest Christmas markets in the world, counting over 200 vendors. So, if you are tired of imitations, it’s time to visit a real German market. 

#6. A Buddhist country does Christmas: Thailand

Christmas in Thailand is like no other place. The primarily Buddhist country welcomes visitors to celebrate Christmas through delicate decorations, exciting nightlife, a fantastic choice of European and Asian food, and budget-friendly vacations. Besides, the weather is warm and sunny all around the country, from Bangkok to Phuket! Insta-friendly photos guaranteed!

Are you ready to populate your social media feed with unexpected Christmas photos? Christmas vacations are the best way to recharge your battery in a new environment.