The Best Asian Snacks And Where To Buy Them

Are you and your family an Asian snack loving family? Or perhaps you are new to the idea of Asian snacks and want to know which ones you should absolutely try today and, of course, where you can get your hands on them. Well, either way you can find out which Asian snacks we think are the best in the article below.

I was recently sent a selection of Asian snacks to try with no obligation to review them but so many of them were that delicious that I couldn’t not share them with you. I received a real assortment of products including drinks, noodles, crisps and biscuits and here are the best Asian snacks according to us.

Poky Sticks

These are the best Asian snacks by far. They are delicious crunchy biscuit sticks coated with a smooth, tasty layer of chocolate that are light but moreish, so be careful as once you start easting them it’s hard to stop. They are available in several flavours, the ones we tried were cookies and cream and they were amazing. They are great for those that love biscuits and those that love chocolate as they hit both cravings in one go. They are also a great alternative for those wanting to reduce their calorie intake but still have a sweet treat or to get their chocolate fix, as long as you can limit yourself to just one or two that is.

asian snacks

Hello Panda

The Hello Panda snacks are sweet biscuit filled treats. Again they come in different flavours, we were sent the strawberry filled ones and the caramel ones and both were delicious, although the caramel ones were my favourite. Each biscuit has a cute little panda printed on the front too making them delicious and adorable, what more could you want?

Asian snacks


Up next are the strangest snacks I have ever tried and yet I can’t wait to try some more. They are called Boba Mochi and they are soft and chewy mochi balls that are filled with a sweet boba pearl. The ones we were sent were sea salt and coffee flavour which I thought would be awful but some how totally works. If you haven’t had these before they are a bit like jelly sweets in their consistency but not as chewy, definitely worth trying if you get the chance.

asian snacks

Mango Juice

Alongside our Asian snacks we were also sent a couple of drinks, my favourite being the mango juice which is fruity and refreshing and comes with chunks of mango in. I really liked this however it is worth noting that the chunks of mango are quite large and you do need to chew them so I wouldn’t give this drink to a small child as I would be worried they would choke but as far as flavour goes it’s incredible.

So there you have it, the best Asian snacks we’ve tried so far and you can get your hands on them and loads more Asian snacks by ordering from morueats.

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