Running End To End | 874 Miles In A Year | Eight Months In

Eight months in. Wow I can’t actually believe that we are eight months into the year or that we have actually stuck with the running for eight solid months now! August has been jam packed with summer holiday fun. We went down South and then all the way up North to Scotland, not quite Lands End to John O’Groats but it certainly felt like it.

It terms of running, August, like July, has been  another low month, quite frankly this is now becoming the norm. The year started off so well with a number of 100 mile months but then we just slowed down and haven’t really gained momentum again. I’m not sure of it was the world reopening, a lack of motivation of just simply the fact that we got a bit lazy but if we intend to complete this challenge by December 31st 2021 we need to up our game and run a minimum of 70 miles every month the next four months. Which considering we ran 59 miles in August is going to be a challenge in itself.

That being said I am a firm believer in the saying “No run is a bad run” and do think that both my mum and I need to congratulate ourselves on the fact that we have now crossed the 600 miles mark. According to the virtual map this now puts us in Scotland and well on our way to the finish line. Only another 284 (ish) miles to go!

In a bid to give us both a kick up the bum I have signed us up to the Race for Life 10km in Delamere Forest. I have since been told this is a rough route with a a number of inclines, wonderful. But knowing I need to complete this is pushing me to do some longer runs which hopefully will push our miles up for September as we get ready.

My August recommendations

During August I have been working with a number of brands, some of which have been brill and I wanted to hare them with you.

Love leggings 

I first discovered Love leggings when I was pregnant and found their maternity leggings to be the comfiest by far. This month I tested out their Energise thunder blue cropped sports leggings that retail for £32. I wasn’t actually asked to review these as they are for an upcoming Christmas feature but I love them so much I couldn’t not mention them. They are really comfy, thick without being heavy, hold you in without being too tight and are the perfect length for me as I hate having my ankles covered when I run. I also love the fact they have deep pockets on the side that are big enough to hold your phone or keys and as they are tight you can’t feel them moving around as you run. They are available in different colours f blue isn’t for you.

West Lab Bath Salts

I was kindly sent a packet of West Lab Recover Bath Salts which are 100% natural bath salts that aim to relax, revive and sooth tired and overworked muscles making them perfect for a post run soak. They are made from white willow, eucalyptus and arnica and as well as being really relaxing they make the whole bathroom smell amazing too.


Now these are a little different. Normally I just grab any old pair of socks when I go for run but these 1000 mile ultimate performance titan pack of socks claim to be

Breathable – Top and arch venting for superior breathability

Extra Support – Arch braced for extra support and comfort

Padded – Padded heel, toes and Achilles tendon

The first time I wore them I found them really strange as I could actually feel them on my feet and they felt quite tight. However I soon got used to them and I now like the added support and actively seek out these socks when running. If you need support when running then I recommend you give these a try.

CurraNZ Tablets

Energy tablets and protein supplements have been something I have been trying to get to grips with this year and as a result I have tried a few different makes. This month I have been using the CurraNZ New Zealand Blackcurrant extract capsules. They are 100% natural and aim to aid wellbeing and energy. They are different to the energy tablets I have tried before in that you can take them daily or just use them on run days. I am always a little sceptical with these types of things as it is hard to measure how good they actually are, however the first time I took them I did get a PB for 8 miles, so they could be worth a try. I know I will be carrying on with them into September to see if they continue to help.

If you have any running recommendations then be sure to get in touch as I still have a fair few miles on the Lands End to John O’Groats run to go.

Edit – We have now come to the end of the 12 months and you can find out if we completed the End to End challenge on time here.