Cheshire Ice cream Farm

On Sunday my husband and I took our two boys (2 & 5) to the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm in Tattenhall. We have visited this place numerous times and I have to say it really does make and sell the most delicious ice cream ever. My personal favourite is the blackcurrant and liquorice, o my gosh it’s so amazing!

Anyway, we went this weekend because we had heard that the specials from Cheshire constabulary would be there, and we thought the boys would love to see the police and their cars. Plus, it was a hot day and well… any excuse for an ice cream really.

When we arrived, the police were set up in the car park. They had a car, some bikes, a van and an information table all set up ready for the public. As soon as we walked over the police were brilliant and talking to the boys, letting them try on hats and jackets and giving them dress up hats that they could keep. They invited them to sit in the various modes of transport for pictures and were really friendly and nice. My eldest was a little anxious at first and it really made me realise how children perceive the police as “taking people (bad guys) away” instead of being helpful, friendly, people that children can go to if they are lost or in trouble. As parents we often say things like “ooo there’s the police you best behave” etc when really we should be encouraging our children to have faith in them and trust them. Anyway with a little encouragement both boys experienced driving a police car and the holding cell of the police van, they loved having the opportunity to play police for a little while.

The police officers were not only brilliant with the kids but also with my husband! Yes you read that right, one police officer took my husband off to the main road and let him play with the speed gun as people drove past, boys clearly never grow up!


After playing with the police officers toys we all went over to the farm and enjoyed a lovely summery afternoon on the park. Unfortunately, the animals have been moved due to a huge refurb that is currently going on so my youngest was a little disappointed but needless to say an ice cream soon distracted him.  Like I said the ice cream here truly is the best and despite having to queue for ages due to how popular it is we all enjoyed sharing our various flavours (strawberries and cream, blackcurrant and liquorice, toffee fudge and white chocolate and orio) hmmmm delicious.


The Cheshire ice cream farm also has an indoor play area that both my boys love but due to the weather we opted to stay outside today and play on the park and the tractors. You can also pay extra for mini golf, gold mining, mini quad bikes and a sit on digger that my youngest absolutely loves. Like I said there is a huge refurb going on at the moment and we can’t wait to see what else is added once it’s finished and to welcome back all the animals.

If you are ever in the area than a visit to the Cheshire ice cream farm is well worth a visit. There are lots of other things to do in and around Chester including Crocky trail which is only 5 minutes in one direction and Bolesworth Castle 5 minutes in the opposite direction, so why not make a day of it.