Third wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditionally the third wedding anniversary should be celebrated with gifts made from leather. I remember thinking this would be easy but soon realised it was going to be harder to pick the perfect gift than i thought so here are some 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas to help give you some inspiration.

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A leather Belt

This is the perfect gift for a man or a women who loves practical gifts. The belt is not only made from leather and therefore in keeping with the tradition but it is also something they can use daily making it a worthwhile gift and one that will remind them if you every time they were it. This one from Dobell is perfect and available in black or brown.

3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas

A leather Journal

Leather journals are a beautiful gift and can be given blank for a partner who loves to write or can be filled with memories or love letters written by you for them.

3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas


A personalised key ring

I adore personalised gifts and try and get them for people when ever I can so this key ring is perfect to me. It is not only special because you can add your names and the date you got married but it’s also leather so fits with tradition, plus it’s practical and can be used daily which I also like.

3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas

Leather Satchel


Another great gift that is leather but also practical is a satchel or bag that they can use on a regular basis, I personally love this Gusti Leder studio one.


3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas


Wedding anniversary gift traditions 


1st   Paper                                                                     6th Iron or sugar

2nd  Cotton                                                                   7th  Copper or wool

3rd   Leather                                                                    8th Salt

4th    Fruit                                                                         9th Copper (UK) Leather (Modern)

5th  Wood                                                                        10th Tin