1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

It is traditional to give the gift of paper to celebrate the 1st year of marriage but trying to find a suitable and thoughtful paper gift can be harder than it sounds so I have put together a list of 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas and I hope it gives you some inspiration.


Personalised Wall Art

A beautiful personalised wall art that can be framed to remind you of the special day one year earlier. At only £5.99 this is a gift not to be missed.

1st wedding anniversary gift ideasPersonalised parchment scroll

This gift is a beautiful idea and captures all the important information from your wedding day such as who was in power. Information that will be great to look back on in years to come.


1 st wedding anniversary gift ideas

Framed 1st dance lyrics 

These prints are beautiful and can be designed to look like a record using the song lyrics from any song. Using the first dance would be a lovely tribute to your wedding one year later.

1st wedding anniversary gift ideas


Our story so far  – personalised scrap book

If time is on your side this lovely scrap book would make a wonderful gift and allows you to fill the pages with your own messages, memoirs, photos and memories of your own love story so far.

1st wedding anniversary gift ideas

I find that personalised gifts are usually the nicest and most well received from people as it shows that not only have you thought about what they might like but than you have also taken the time and planned ahead, paid attention to detail and bought something that is specifically for them. I hope these 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas have been useful and have inspired your gift choices this time.


Wedding anniversary gift traditions 


1st   Paper                                                                     6th Iron or sugar

2nd  Cotton                                                                   7th  Copper or wool

3rd   Leather                                                                    8th Salt

4th    Fruit                                                                         9th Copper (UK) Leather (Modern)

5th  Wood                                                                        10th Tin


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