Our review of Wightwick Manor and Gardens National Trust

During the May half term we went glamping in Stratford-Upon-Avon which is about 2.5 hours away from where we live in Chester and as we were travelling with the boys we decided to stop off on the way. Two days before we left I bought a family membership for the National Trust so we decided to see if we could you use this anywhere around the half way mark and found Wightwick Manor and Gardens in Wolverhampton. It is situated just a short drive away from the motorway and seemed the ideal place to stop to break up the journey and let the boys burn off some steam.

Below is our review of Wightwick Manor and Gardens, I hope it helps if you are thinking of going.

Things to do at Wightwick Manor and Gardens?

As the name suggests there is a large manor house that you can look round as well as gardens that you can explore. The house is beautiful and the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable. There are plenty of walks, a play park and lots to see and history to read about.

Top Tip remember to get your ticket for the Manor at reception before you walk up to it or you will need to go back.

Is it child friendly?

In short yes.

The tiddler, who is 5, came round the house with me and I was relived to see that it was child friendly. There were a great number of the chairs dotted about that had pictures of cats on which was a sign that they could be sat which was perfect for when he got a tad bored and I wanted to stay and read the various handouts and signs in each room. As well as the chairs there was also an area in one room set up specifically for children with a box full of clothes for them to dress up in in another room there was lots of old fashioned toys that could be played with, which he loved.

How long can you stay?

You can stay as long as you want. If the weather is nice you could easily stay for a few hours enjoying the gardens. In regards tot he Manor I would say that you need about 30 minutes to look round, longer if you wish to read all the information and maybe speak to the guides too.

wightwick manor

In the gardens there are two ponds that are nice to walk round and on our visit we were lucky enough to see a family of ducks having a swim and the ducklings were still fluffy and adorable.

wightwick manor

There is also a new hidden play park at Wightwick. It is situated in the woodland area which was good for the kids to burn off some energy before we headed back to the car.

wightwick manor

When we arrived we were told that there were some crafts going on at the back of the gardens and although we didn’t have time to check these out we did see a number of families head up that way so it’s worth seeing what extra activities are going on when you arrive or check out the National Trust website in advance and go to the Wightwick Manor and Gardens page to see if they have any pre planned scheduled activities.

wightwick manor

Where can you eat and drink?

There is a lovely little cafe with indoor and outdoor seating where you can order food, drinks and, luckily for us, ice lollies too. However, don’t feel obliged to use the cafe as the gardens provide many beautiful spots for picnics as well as lots of benches dotted around the grounds where you can enjoy your own food and drink if you prefer.

Can you bring dogs to Wightwick Manor and Gardens?

Dogs are welcome in the grounds as long as they are on a lead but they can not go inside the house. We took Buddy with us and he had a lovely walk outside and enjoyed meeting other puppies too. There was even some water bowls outside the cafe for them to cool down which I thought was a lovely touch.

Overall Thoughts of Wightwick Manor and Gardens National Truat

As National Trust places go I would definitely  recommend a visit to Wightwick Manor if you are in the area. It is suitable for the whole family, parking is free, and you could easily stay for a couple of house if the weather is nice, even longer if you join in with the activities. There is not a lot of indoor space so I would avoid travelling specifically for a visit if the weather is bad but if you are local then you could still pass an hour here on a wet day.

If you are thinking of going then take a look at getting a National Trust membership first as you will probably find i works out cheaper, especially if you are wanting to explore a few more National Trust places soon.

If you do have a membership, or are looking for more National Trust places to visit, then check out our reviews of National Trust places all across the UK.