5 things to consider when choosing wall art for your home

There was a time when peoples interior walls were lined with family photos and nothing else. This usually meant that the living quarters looked like shrines to family members and the bedrooms and bathrooms all had blank walls. Nowadays, however, more and more people are choosing wall art as a way to brighten up their rooms. If you are thinking of purchasing some wall art but are unsure where to start to then here are 5 things that you should consider before making any purchases.

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1. Which room are you currently choosing wall art for?

This is an important thing to consider because what you might want in your front room will most likely be very different to what you might want in a bedroom. For example we have two beautiful pieces of wall art in our daughters nursery and they finish the room perfectly but they would look ridiculous in our lounge or kitchen.


2. Where exactly will it go? 

Once you have established which room or rooms you want to choose wall art for you need to have a look around the room and see where you want them to go. Then measure the whole gap that you have. If this is a large space I recommend you also consider having multiple pieces of wall art in the gap, perhaps a set of three that match in some way. Then remember work out the new measurements remembering to add in a gap between each piece. If you have a couple of places in each room where the wall art could go and they are different sizes be sure to label each measurement so you know which piece would go where.

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3. Is there a theme or a colour scheme you want to stick too?

Once you have a room and a space in mind consider whether you want them to match the colour scheme or theme of a room. For example if it is a child’s room you might want to go for a superhero, movie, or sport theme or if focusing on a bathroom you may want to opt for black and white or more neutral tones.


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4. What style are looking for? 

This is very important. What exactly is it you want. Do you want a piece of wall art that is framed? Or are you wanting something more child friendly like posters? If you already have photographs on the wall and you want your new art to match then perhaps you need to look at canvas prints instead. This may limit the art available or might make your search quicker and easier so be sure to know what you want before you start looking.


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5. What is you budget?

Do you have a budget for all the wall art in your house or a budget per room or per piece? If it is a total budget but you are dressing a few rooms then make sure you are adding up the total as you shop so you don’t run out and have to leave one room bare. Also when searching on websites be sure to check out the sale areas  as you may be able to make your money go even further.


Once you have answered all these questions, then and only then, should you start your search for the perfect piece or pieces of wall art for you home. Otherwise, chances are you will fall in love with a piece that is the wrong size or colour, is inappropriate in some way or is out of your budget and when this happens we all know that anything else just feels second best. So to avoid that be very clear on what you need and want and then have lot of fun shopping.

Top Tip

If shopping on line use your above choices to filter out the wall art that meets your criteria as it will make shopping so much easier.


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