Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Fifty years of marriage is a precious milestone in any marriage. Spending so many valuable years together, it certainly needs a precious gift to mark the milestone. That’s why the 50-year anniversary is called the golden wedding anniversary.

Traditionally, gold is used to represent the preciousness of the time spent together. Today we’re going over several gifts to consider when buying for a couple you know marking their special anniversary or for your significant other on the big day.


A 50th anniversary gift should be precious and striking and that’s why jewellery is a good choice to mark those precious 50 years. Traditional yellow gold jewellery is a good choice, but you can even add a modern touch by looking at rose gold or white gold as options.

Any kind of jewellery would be a good gift, whether it be earrings, necklaces or a fancy new ring. However, you could also invest in more unique golden gifts such as antique jewellery. A pocket watch, is a great unique gift for this special occasion and you can even get it engraved to add a personalised touch.

Perhaps your wedding bands need an upgrade – the perfect anniversary to invest in some beautiful golden rings and get them engraved with 50 years, initials or a special date. If your wedding bands are in great condition and you’re not looking for upgrades, look at signet rings which are great for men and women, and would also benefit from a personal touch.

Photo Frames

Photo frames are another great gift for a golden anniversary. You can invest in golden frames or simply personalise an art print or message and frame it for your grandparents or parents to mark their special anniversary. This is a good way of making those photographed memories even more special, adding an extra touch of preciousness for the couple who are celebrating.


Treating your loved one or your favourite couple to a unique experience or getaway to somewhere they have always wanted to go, is always a great anniversary gift. Treat them to a relaxing spa day, a peaceful retreat to the countryside, or a romantic dinner for two. You could even gift them a golden photo frame or engraved keepsake to mark the occasion forever.

This is the type of gift that’s perfect for a couple who you know are celebrating like your parents or your grandparents. It’s still a great choice to give to your significant other, however, as you know exactly the sort of thing they’ll like.

golden wedding anniversary gifts

Golden rose

Roses are the flower that symbolises 50 years of marriage and what better way to mark that time spent together than a golden rose. You could opt for golden rose themed jewellery, choose rose gold as a colour option or buy a golden rose brooch or ornament. For a cheaper but still special option, you could pick out some beautiful yellow roses, or splash out and buy an antique vase to display them in. There are many options when it comes to golden rose themes. See what you can find!

Unique golden gifts

Perhaps you aren’t a jewellery fan or you simply want to buy something different to mark that special 50 years together. Is your other half a music fan? Do you want to display that special first dance song in a unique way? Why not invest in a personalised golden record or record print.

Perhaps you want to symbolise the special years spent together with a golden sundial or a golden clock. You could even take it one step further and get it personalised or engraved and even look for a rose theme. A golden sculpture or a golden themed paperweight is a good option for spicing up that home décor and adding something special. Or maybe your partner or loved ones are into writing – express your appreciation for their craft and their years spent honing it with a golden pen.


A great and popular way of celebrating any occasion is with drinks. Why not treat your parents/grandparents/other half to golden-themed drinkware? Whether it be personalised golden goblets, engraved glasses or even decanters or cocktail shakers, they are sure to make an impression.

For the drink enthusiasts, a golden drinks trolley makes a good gift, a personalised wooden wine box or some fancy whiskey tumblers would make a great special drinkware gift for those special people. Take it one step further and add some personalised luxury champagne.

There are few occasions more special in a romantic relationship than the 50th wedding anniversary. If you or someone you know and love is approaching that especially significant celebration, get excited about how many options you have ahead of you in terms of gift-giving!