Supporting Your Child with their Mental Health

Mental health concerns a person’s emotional wellbeing and is just as important as physical health. We all have it, although some are more vulnerable to their emotions than others. For those suffering with poor mental health, events may seem so overwhelming that it stops them from living their normal day to day life in the same capacity as they did when their mental health was better. For children, they may start to withdraw, not want to go to school and socialise with those that are around them. We have guidance below from a private school in Enfield on how to support children with their mental health and we hope it helps you help your children.

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Remove Stigma

The stigma around mental health is often what leads to both children and adults hiding how they feel and not getting help. To encourage your child to come to you and talk about their feelings, create a safe space where they can confide in you and tackle any misconceptions that they may have.


If your child suffers from anxiety, OCD or any other mental health condition, these techniques may help them. They can be used by all and are coping strategies to relieve stress and restore focus to the present moment. This diverts attention from the things that cannot be changed which they may be worried about.

Examples of some techniques are:

· Mindful breathing

· Mindful eating

· Mindful walking

· Colouring

help your child with their mental health

Seek Professional Help

All mental health conditions are different as are the individuals that suffer from them. There are many ways that your child can get help and a professional is the best person that can help you with that. They have seen dozens of children before in similar circumstances and will be able to advise you best.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of your own mental health can teach your child how to take care of their own, encourage them to be kinder to themselves and take their own mental health seriously. You can do this by exercising self-care, speaking to those around you and carrying out mindfulness exercises.

If you are also concerned about your child’s physical health, then here are some fall activities that can help them build their immunity as well as some information about the recommended vitamins for children.