Paint Pop Paint Sticks | Review

This week is art week and to celebrate the guys over at Paint Pop have sent us some of their paint sticks to try out. We were sent two sets, one is the fun tub that contains 20 paint sticks in an easy to carry box with draw string handle and the second is the classic colours set that contains 12 paint sticks

What are Paint Pop paint sticks?

For those that don’t already know, Paint Pop paint sticks are a great creative tool that can be used to introduce younger children to doodling and painting. They come in chunky stick like shapes and are to be used like felt tip pens but with a more paint like consistency that just glides across the surface. Once you have used the first layer you simply twist the bottom and more will appear. They are mess free and easy to use.

Our review

The Paint Pot paint sticks have been a huge hit in our house with both the kids and me! As the mum of a toddler that loves to do art and crafts I can honestly say these are a great product, especially if you are short on time as they are easy to set up and require no additional materials such as water or brushes. You simply use them as you would crayons but they go on more like a paint and dry much quicker, making them virtually mess free.

I also love how they are so chunky and therefore very easy to use for the toddler as she can grip them with her whole hand and get creative instantly. These have given her a real sense of independence during our latest craft sessions, especially now she has learnt how to take the lids on and off herself too.

So far we have used these on paper, in a colouring book, to decorate a cardboard box on the white board and they have worked just as well on all the surfaces. They are really versatile and can also be used on other materials such as wood, plastic and even glass and if you need to clean them off then they can just be wiped off using warm water and a cloth. I would highly recommend these for any art and craft collection, especially for those with pre schoolers.

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