The Paint Pop Creation Station | Review

Since Layla started doing a couple of morning sessions at preschool she has become more interested in arts and craft type activities so I have had to up our creative sessions at home. She loves to paint and colour but I don’t always have time to get all her paints, tablecloth, brushes and water etc out and the crayons don’t always appease her but the Paint Sticks seem to be the perfect compromise and she loves them. We have been using them for a couple of months now so when we were asked to review the Pant Pop Creation Station we jumped at the chance.

What is the Paint Pop Creation Station

Firstly, for anyone that isn’t familiar with Paint Pops they are chunky twistable paints. They can be held like a crayon but glide on like paint. They are relatively mess free, quick drying and very versatile. So much so you can use them on pretty much any surface, paper, card even glass.

The Paint Pop Creation Station is the perfect accessory to go with them. It is a tabletop easel that has two sides, one is a white board the other can hold paper, both can be used with the Paint Pop sticks. It comes with 10 sheets of A4 paper, a duster for the white board and 6 paint sticks in varying colours.

paint pop creation station

Our review of the Paint Pop Creation Station

My first impression was of how easy it is to put up. There is no need to build it as such it just pops up and locks into place and can then be collapsed just as easily again, taking up very little room and making it perfect for taking out and about with you.

I also noticed how the size is perfect for younger ones. It is big enough to hold an A4 piece of paper but not too big it overwhelms them. It can be used on a table or even on the floor and it is very durable so perfect for even the heaviest handed preschoolers.

Once we had it set up Layla couldn’t wait to get creative. Although we do have other Paint Pop Sticks the 6 that come with this are a great selection of colours and would be fine on their own with no need to buy any extras making this a great starter kit or present for someone as it is ready to use straight away, especially as t comes stocked with paper. Once Layal had finished drawing on the white board we cleaned it using the provided duster and found that it wiped off really easily with no need to use any cleaning chemicals or even water.

In my opinion the Paint Pop Creation Station is perfect for young budding artists with parents that prefer mess free arts and craft sessions like me. It is brilliant value for money at £24.99 and is currently available in Smyths, and on Amazon.