Peppa Pig Weebles | Review

Last week we were very kindly sent the Peppa Pig Weebles push-Along Wobbily Car and a set of two Peppa Pig Weebles figures to review. Layla is currently two years old and a massive Peppa Pig fan so this was the perfect job for her. Below you can read our full review.

What are Peppa Pig Weebles?

Peppa Pig Weebles are an updated version of the classic weebles that have been around years. They are chunky characters, in this case Peppa Pig characters, that stand up on a round base. The characters can wobble in all directions but never fall over, instead they just realign themselves back in to an upright position making them really easy for little hands to use.

The Peppa Pig Weeble collection is suitable for children over the age of 18 months and currently consist of 8 characters and three playsets, including the wibbly wobbly car that we were sent.

peppa pig weebles

Our review of the Peppa Pig Weebles

Layla’s little eyes lit up the moment she saw these toys and she couldn’t wait to get them out of the box. Much to my amazement she quickly told me they were called Peppa Pig, Suzie Sheep and Rebecca Rabbit. So they have clearly been designed with a good resemblance of the actual characters.

As we played together I noticed that these were really easy for Layla to use. They are chunky and fit nicely in her small hands. When using the the wibbly wobbly car she didn’t need any help as each character can easily be removed from or inserted in to the seats and Layla loved changing them over and making them take turns driving.

The car itself is a push-along vehicle so it can be moved by the child as they take it on a journey or it can be pushed with slight force making it move forward or backward on its on. This delighted Layla no end as she shouted “ready, steady, go” and pushed it repeatedly from one end of her bedroom to the other as if in a race.

These Peppa Pig Weeble toys are great for imaginative play and, if like mine, your child watches the Peppa Pig cartoons then they will able to recreate certain scenes or draw upon what they know about the characters to help inspire their imaginative play sessions. Or simply turn Peppa and her friends in to formula one racers!

Overall I would say the Peppa Pig Weebles are perfect for pre schoolers. They are colourful, fun and easy to use. They can promote both independent and imaginative play safely and are also great value for money for such hard wearing toys.  I am sure we will be adding to our collection soon.

peppa pig weebles

Where can you get you hands a set? 

The Peppa Pig Weebles are now available in store and online at Smyths Toys Superstore. The weebles themselves are available in single or double packs from £3.99 or as a set of 4 for £14.99. The activity sets range in price from £16.99 to £32.99 and are perfect for Peppa Pig lovers from the age of 18 months. If you like the sound of the Weebles but don’t want the Peppa ones then have a look at our Weebles review which features three other Weeble character ranges.

If, like mine, your child is Peppa mad then you may also want to have a read of our Fun To Learn Peppa Pig magazine review.

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