7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

In the UK the tradition for 7th wedding anniversary gifts is that they are made from copper. Copper gifts certainly aren’t the hardest of the wedding anniversary gifts to source but can still be tricky. Especially if you want something that is nice, meaningful and doesn’t blow the budget.

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In a bid to help give you some inspiration I have put together a list of some beautiful 7th wedding anniversary gifts that I think are suitable for either male or female recipe ants.

Scented Candle with Engraved Copper Lid

This lovely gift is hand made by Willow and Light and comes is a beautiful bergamot and clary sage fragrance which is a fresh and unisex fragrance. The copper lid not only fits with the tradition of the copper gift but as it can be engraved with any message it makes it a more personal and thoughtful gift and can be saved long after the candle has been used.

7th wedding anniversary gifts

Copper Wine Glasses

These copper wine glasses by  VonShef come in a set of two. The copper is a show stopping unique look for a glass and is sure to be a talking point every time they are used. These would make great 7th wedding anniversary gifts not only for your own partner but also if you are buying them for a couple as effectively thy have one each.

7th wedding anniversary gifts

Copper handled cutlery set

This copper handled cutlery set is a practical yet unique gift that meets the tradition of the 7th year and will brighten up any kitchen. It would go particularly well as a set with the above glasses to add a touch of class to your dinner parties. If you are buying for a partner who works away a lot this would be a great gift for them to always have with them on their travels.

7th wedding anniversary gifts

Copper Mugs  

These Mugs are available in a set of 4 and would be a great gift idea for someone who loves quirky items.

7th wedding anniversary gifts

Favourite song in copper sound waves 

This is probably the most romantic of 7th wedding anniversary gifts. It is your opportunity to create a picture in copper of the sound waves from a favourite song, or even your wedding song, that can go on display for years to come. This gift will show that you haven’t only taken the time to find a gift in keeping with tradition but that you have thought about your wedding 7 years ago and personalised it just for them.

7th wedding anniversary gifts

I hope these have given you some inspiration when it comes to shopping for 7th wedding anniversary gifts..

Wedding anniversary gift traditions 

1st   Paper                                                                     6th Iron or sugar

2nd  Cotton                                                                   7th  Copper or wool

3rd   Leather                                                                   8th Salt

4th    Fruit                                                                       9th Copper (UK) Leather (Modern)

5th  Wood                                                                       10th Tin