FlipOut or Freedome – Which Trampoline Parks Offer The Best Toddler Time Sessions?

I absolutely love my Friday fun days with the tiddler and I appreciate them so much more these days knowing that we only have 5 more months before he starts school. During our Fridays we try and have as much fun as possible, we visit the zoo, go swimming, treat ourselves to cakes and milkshakes and have recently discovered trampoline parks.

A few weeks ago we heard about a toddle session at FlipOut near where we live so we went along to give it a go. A week later my mum wanted to join us so I rang FlipOut and asked how it would work if there was two adults and one toddler at the session and unfortunately was told the second adult would have to pay for a full bounce session, double that of the toddler session. So we decided to try another trampoline park that also runs toddler sessions, Freedome.

After experiencing both, I thought I would write a little comparison about them to help any parents that are thinking about visiting either of the trampoline parks with their toddler.

The main points 

                            FlipOut                                     Freedome 

Price   £5 for 1 adult and 1 child £10 for additional adults                 £4 per toddler £2 for additional adults

Activities  The use of all trampolines                                                     The use of one section of trampolines

Extra fun   None                                                                                    Inflatables, balls, tents, space hoppers

Others         Open to the public                                                                  Only open to toddlers

Safety  Disclaimer, staffed areas, video to watch                                     Disclaimer, staffed area

Overall thoughts about the two trampoline parks

Despite having lots of fun at both I think that FlipOut could learn a thing or two from Freedome in regards to the toddler sessions.

Freedome seem to have really considered what both parents and toddlers want and need from a trampoline park and have nailed the toddler session experience.

They have

accommodated for more than one parent/guardian  which is great when grandparents want to tag a long too

they have extra toys to enhance the experience

and most importantly it is not open to the public during the toddler sessions which means you do not have to worry about all the teenagers or adults bumping into your tiddler.

For me, the best trampoline park for toddler time was Freedome.

That being said FlipOut does look pretty amazing for the older children and teenagers.

It has

a Ninja warrior assault course (similar to freedome)

a wall jump area that I have not seen anywhere else before,

a foam pit to practice flips in

and a  total wipe out section that resembles a fight using giant ear buds.

So although freedome wins on the toddler time front I think that when my boys get older they will think that FlipOut has the edge.

Which is your favourite trampoline park and why?

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