Inflata Nation Runcorn | Review

On Friday my family and I were invited to the grand opening of Inflata Nation Runcorn and we were all really excited. We hadn’t been to any of the Inflata Nations before but we had heard amazing things about them so having a brand new one close by was exciting news. As always when we go to these events we are asked to share some pictures across social media to help spread the word but more often than not I also like to write a full review too.

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So, here is everything that I think you need to know about Inflat Nation Runcorn.


What is Inflata Nation?

In short it is an inflatable theme park.

Imagine a giant bouncy castle with inflatable slides, ball pits, climbing walls, basketball nets, bouncing balls, a jousting area and an obstacle course and you might just be able to picture it. If you can’t, then simply check out the picture below.

inflata nation

Who is it for?

Inflata Nation Runcorn is aimed at those aged 3 and over with a specially designed toddler area that has a mini slide and ball pond just for them. It is suitable for everyone, children, teens and even adults. Basically if you are steady on your feet you can join in and trust me you are going to want to get involved.

We often take the children to trampoline parks or play areas and now they are old enough we let them go off and play together whilst we enjoy a break and watch from the side lines and if that’s your thing then you can do that here as there is seating upstairs and downstairs as well as a cafe that serves food and drink BUT chances are you are going to want to join in instead. The set up makes it so inviting that you feel obliged to climb aboard and join in with the children, laughing, bouncing and falling over in equal measures.

inflata nation runcorn

How long can you stay?

The sessions are usually booked in hour slots but you could book two if you wanted to stay for lunch afterwards making an afternoon of it however I will point out that one hour is probably enough. On Friday we were lucky enough to be invited to stay for 2 hours and even though we stopped for food and drinks we were all thoroughly exhausted by the end of the night.

It’s also worth pointing out that the whole area is inside so no need to worry about the weather with this one either.

inflata nation runcorn

Would I recommend it? 

If you haven’t already figured it out then yes I would highly recommend a trip to Inflata nation Runcorn. We had one of the best family nights and the boys have told everyone about it and keep asking when we can return. My boys are active and love to be on the go so this was perfect for them as they bounced from one area to another racing each other (and me) down the slides and challenging each other to jousting matches. If your children aren’t as energetic or crazy as mine then I would still recommend a visit as there is no need to try every obstacle, you don’t need to complete one to get to the other so they can stay where they feel happiest.

inflat nation runcorn

Top Tips for Inflata Nation Runcorn

My top tips would be

1   Take change for the lockers to keep your shoes safe and out of the way

2   Arrive early as the car park is on site and free but can get busy

3   Take water or money/card to buy drinks as you will definitely need them

4   Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes so you can climb and bounce with ease

5   Make sure you are wearing socks

6 Book tickets in advance 


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