My Picture Discount Code

I love taking photos. I think most people do these days as it’s so easy to snap away on your phone, camera or tablet but then what? I have hundreds of photos stored digitally all over the place and I am forever meaning to print them off or have them put on a canvas or a made into a photo book but I always forget. When I do remember I tend to log on to various photo sites and because I want to order so much I find that the photo products can be really expensive and add up very quickly. So when my-picture got in touch and asked me to check out their online printing service I was amazed to see that they already had cheap canvas prints and photo books  that were being reduced even more in the sale and that they were offering me a My Picture Discount Code to share with you too.

Canvas Print

My-picture offered me the opportunity to order a photo book and a photo canvas print, so instead of procrastinating like I usually do I instantly chose one of my favourite pictures of the boys from our holiday to Spain and ordered in the XXL size which is 60 x 30 and is currently priced at an incredible £16 in the sale but you can get a further 10% of with the code at the bottom of this article. The canvas arrived within 48 hours and was exactly what I wanted. The picture is clear, it wraps around the edges which is what I wanted as I’m not a fan of the white sides and the quality is what I would expect from a high end company. To say I am thrilled with it is an understatement.

Photo book

The photo book was a little harder to create, not because of their system but because I have hardly printed any pictures since the tiddler was born and he is now 5 years old so I had no idea what to choose. In the end I decided to start backwards, like you do, and create a photo book from last years holiday and summer memories. It took about 5 minutes to upload all the pictures from the holiday and believe me we had loads. I chose the hardcover A5 lanscape book which is 8×6 inches with 25 pages and is currently priced at £12.90.

The book comes with a blank front cover that you can had a picture and text to which will be printed on the hardcover. The pages are arranged in different styles for you with different shapes, sizes, and layouts of how the pictures can be added but if at any time you want to change them you simply delete the boxes they have put in and add your own using the easy to understand tool bar across the top. If you use their template and know the pictures you want to include it will only take about 10-15 minutes to create. If, like me, you want to swap and change a few bits, add text and then deliberate over which pictures to include and which ones not to, then it can take a while longer but the process is very easy. Once you have added all the pictures and text that you want you can also choose a background. This can differ from page to page or can be the same throughout. Due to my inability to make decisions I chose to have the same background on every page, white with pales coloured stars on.




My Picture Discount Code

The photo book arrived a week later and again I was impressed with the quality of the photos, the pictures are clear, the colours are bright and the pages are thick. Sometimes when you find a deal for cheap canvas prints and photo books  you worry that cheap prices means rubbish quality but in this case it really doesn’t and I will definitely be ordering more of these photo products.


My Picture Discount Code


Here is the My Picture Discount Code

If you want to order any of the already cheap canvas prints you can use the code THESTRAWBERRYCANVA until 20th May to get an additional 10% off.