Cool remote control toys for kids this Christmas

If you are unsure what to buy a child aged 4 and over for Christmas this year then you should definitely consider treating them to a remote control toy. They are so much fun, can be played with as a solo activity or with friends, siblings or family as you interact with them or race them against each other.

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Here are some ideas.

Remote Control Cars

These are way cooler than normal toys and allow them to give in to their speed demons as they race and crash and compete with friends and siblings. Throw in a homemade obstacle course and you have even more fun.

This SGILE 4WD stunt car is aimed specifically at those aged 6-12. It can spin 360 degrees and flip 180 each way. It is the perfect stunt car.

Or you could opt for this  Antaprcis racing car that is also aimed at those aged 6-12. It is a speedy drift truck and has 50 minutes play time for every charge and is brilliant for beginners.

Remote Control Robots

Remote control robots are going to be a big hit this Christmas and we have found 3 fantastic ones for you to check out.

First up is the Antraprcis Robot Toy. It can receive gesture movements via the sensor on the chest. You can move it forward, backward, side to side as well as making it sing and dance. It can perform 5 songs and dance to other music as it’s eyes flash at the same time. This clever little robot can also be programmed to move freely and will instinctively avoid obstacles. It will definitely impress the kids.

ANTAPRCIS Robot Toy Gifts for Kids - RC Gesture Control Robot Programmable with Infrared Controller and LED Eyes, Birthday Gift for Boys Girls

Next up is one for the dinosaur lovers. This remote control dinosaur  can slide and walk as well as fight and dance. It can even interact with you as it shakes its head and moves it tail in response to your touch.


And finally we have the cutest of the three remote control toys, the RC puppy dog. This cute little puppy can walk, bark and wink as well as being able to sing and dance.



I hope you like these ideas and if you do purchase any of these remote control toys be sure to let me know whixh one you think is best.