Our Ready 2 Robot Toy Review

The boys have been sent some Ready 2 robot toys to review just in time for Christmas and I have a feeling they will be asking Santa to bring them some more, especially the tiddler as even before they opened them they were saying how ace they looked.

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The ready 2 robot toys incorporate three things that most boys and probably some girls absolutely love,



and fighting. 

The ready 2 robot toys allow your child to build and customise their own characters, or mechbots, as they are officially known, using the mix and match system giving them over 1,000 possibilities and then they can battle them against each other.

We were sent a ready 2 robot survivor battle pack which contains

two mechbots

two pilots


ready 2 robot

All of the above can be mixed and matched to create different mechbots and then they can battle against each other in person or on line  where one will win and one will get slimed. The great thing about the survivor box is that you can see one of the mechbots you will get so you are able to buy a pack that you want or need but the second one is a mystery mechbot. Most kids love the element of surprise and the ability to collect toys from a series yet parents don’t want to waste money buying toys children already have so I think this is the perfect compromise of blind buying and sensible spending.

We were also sent one of the ready 2 robot bot brawlers which would be a great idea for a first toy in this range to see if your child likes them as they are only £6.99 from amazon . The Bot brawlers are presented in sealed containers so it is always a surprise which one you will get but each one contains

1 mechbot

1 pilot

1 slime canister

ready 2 robot

The thing I liked most about the bot brawler is that the pieces are individually wrapped so your child has to build them bit by bit which adds to the fun and ensures the life span of such a toy lasts a bit longer too.

These toys are fairly new and are set to be a big hit this Christmas and from our first experience with them it is easy to see why. The ready 2 robot toys also have a great online presence and user friendly website where children can go online and not only see what other toys are available in the range but also play games, take part in quizzes and watch carton matches. You definitely get your moneys worth with these toys and due to the online aspect I think they will appeal t those that are a little older too.

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