How To Prepare For The Year 2 Sats Papers With Education Quizzes

The year 2 sats papers can feel like the most pressured school experience you little one has had to endure to date. It is most likely the first set of exams they have had to sit and for some children this will be a big source of anxiety and stress for them.

How can you help your child prepare for the year 2 sats papers?

Talk to your child about everything

Firstly, take the time to find out how your child feels about the exams and reassure them that these exams really aren’t that important and that they are more for the schools records than the child’s. They aren’t a pass or fail exam but instead give an indication of learning that will be used along side their year 6 sats papers to give an overall picture of their academic journey throughout primary school.

Talk to the teacher about two things

Secondly, talk to the teacher. Let them know if your child is anxious so they can give them extra support. But also ask the teacher how your child is doing in class and if there is anything specific they need to practice in preparation for the year 2 sats papers.

Help them revise for their sats

If your child is wanting to practice for their sats exams then help them to do that. It may be a long time since you had to do anything like this so if the key stage 2 curriculum is unfamiliar to you use additional resources. You can purchase books, practice papers and educational games online. However the one thing I recommend the most is Education Quizzes.

What is Education Quizzes?

Education quizzes is an online resources that can be used by parents, teachers and pupils, either individually or together. It is a hub of educational activity covering everything from Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7) up to GCSE, in addition to specialist subjects, 11 plus (click here for free past papers) and ESL (English as a second language).

Educational Quizzes is a subscription service that costs £9.99 per month or £49.99 per year (a saving of nearly £70) and you can easily cancel at any time – even after just one month.

Our review of Education Quizzes

We have been using Educational quizzes for a few weeks now and although we have had a play around with a few different areas we have mainly focused on the Key Stage 2 English and Maths sections as the big’un is working towards his SAT’s later this year.

The two things that I like most about these quizzes are that

  1. They have been written in line with the national curriculum
  2. They have been written by teachers

To me this is important as I know that the quizzes are relevant and correct. They will help the children learn information that will be used in their classroom and for assessments in SAT’s or GCSE exams, helping us to make our children feel confident in these areas.

In regards to how we have found them to use, they are great. Easy to navigate, simple instructions, multiple choice and only 10 questions per quiz so very manageable for little ones. I also love how they give you the correct answer along with an explanation when you get one wrong.

I think that the educational quizzes subscription is fantastic value for money, especially if you have more than one child as you can access the different lessons and levels that they may require without paying for multiple access codes. You can also do the tests over and over again making it easier to track their progress and highlight the areas that need more support. Plus, once you have finished needing them you can cancel at any time as there is no minimum subscription time or buy out charges.

Overall I think every parent should invest in Education Quizzes in the run up to all the exams, if not all year round.

If you are looking at helping your child pass their 11 plus exam then as well as using the educational quizzes website you should check out our list of FREE 11 plus resources and practice papers.