Where to find KS2 SATS papers

The key stage 2 Sats exams usually take place in year 6 of primary school. These exam scores are then compared to the year 2 sats papers to help measure the educational distance travelled for each student. The results do two things, they help identify the child’s academic ability before they head to high school as well as giving an overall picture of the attainment of the school to highlight any issues that may have arisen in certain areas of teaching. Regardless of these reasons for them the KS2 sats can feel like a very important event for your child and can also be the cause of stress and anxiety. If you are looking to help your child succeed with their KS2 sats then here is a list of resources that you can use including FREE downloads of past KS2 sats papers.

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FREE KS2 SATS papers

Firstly, ask your child’s teacher if they have any past KS2 papers that you can use as they may well have some that they have been using in class that they are willing to share. If they are unable to help, or you want additional KS2 papers then try out these websites.

CGP is a name you may recognise as they publish a number of revision guides and test papers for subjects ranging form KS1 through to 13+. However, as well as the books they sell they also have FREE online 10 minute tests for all exams including the KS2 sats Maths and SPaG.

Gov Believe it or not the gov website actually has a whole section based around the national curriculum and the sats tests. It explains what they are and also has FREE KS2 sats papers for English and maths from 2019 and 2020 that you can download.

SATs-Papers  offer a wide range of papers that you can download and print off for FREE, including the answers!  This includes the Maths, SPaG, Science and English. All the documents are in PDF except the mental maths that is a FREE MP3 download.

SATSPAPERS scroll down past the adverts and the information about resources you can purchase and you will find a full list of PDF KS2 sats papers that you can download for FREE in all four subjects, English, maths, SPaG and Science.

Sats paper guide offer FREE downloads for all English, Maths and SPaG tests from 2000-2019. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have any of the science papers.

ks2 sats papers

Resources that you can pay for

Education quizzes is an online resource that has loads of  quizzes covering everything from Key stage 1 through to GCSE, including KS2 SATS. Each quiz has an introduction at the start explaining the topic or the method needed depending on the subject, this is then followed by 10 multiple choice questions. If a child gets an answer wrong they will be told which one was the correct answer and why. Once you sign up you will have access to all the quizzes not just the ones you specifically want at the time, perfect for families with more than one child in different year groups or with children that would like to learn new subjects just for fun too.


Some children will not revise well when working with a parent and this is where tutors become a great investment. You can opt for one to one tutoring or even small group sessions which tend to be a little it cheaper. Since the pandemic there are now more online tutors available too so you are not limited to finding the best tutor in your area, instead you can look further a field.


If you have used all of the FREE resources then I would recommend you order a few books. These will help your child understand what is expected from them, provide questions for practice and then also supply the answers so you can mark their work and help them understand where they have gone wrong.

You can order from a few online books stores like the works, or, if you are lucky, you may even be able to pick some up in your local supermarket or pound shop, however if you are short on time then I suggest you head straight to CGP or amazon and order from there.