How to Help Your Child Succeed at School

succeed at school

If you want your son or daughter to succeed at school, no matter what year they’re in, support from you is essential. Children tend to perform better in school when their parents take an interest in their learning. The following tips from Mill Hill School, an independent school in London, should help you understand how you can encourage and support your child so that they succeed in school.

First and foremost, your child needs to know that you are present and attentive with regards to their academic life. Talk about school often, but try not to ask the same old questions every day. Think about incorporating some unique methods to get your child to share information about their day.

What’s more, make sure you attend their sports day, school play, parents evening and any other events at their school. Write important due dates for projects in your family calendar, stick art work on the fridge and help them with their homework. The idea is to emphasise the importance of education as well as letting them know that you are interested in their achievements at school.

As well as displaying a clear interest in your child’s school work, it will also help them if you encourage them to be organised. Try incorporating regular routines and make sure they get their homework done on time and they pack their school bag the night before. Give them a hearty breakfast at the start of each day so they’re focussed and ready to learn. It might be worth putting together some checklists to help get into the swing of things.

Of course, nothing you do can 100% guarantee your child’s success in school, but as a parent you can try your best to help as much as possible. The most valuable tool to help your child is to set a good example.

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