Get festive with a Christmas House Projector

Every year at the start of December, maybe even a little earlier, the little village where my family and I live starts to become a winter wonderland of sorts, with decorations popping up all over the place. We have the village lights that run through the main street but we also have an array of decorated houses, some, like ours, have a few strings of lights whereas others will have inflatables, models, and Christmas house projector galore.

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It has become somewhat of a Christmas tradition that the boys and I wander around in fascination. The boys fascinated at the beauty and magic of the decorations, me fascinated by the effort that must have been required and the astronomical electric bill which is immanent for these guys come January. Yet every year is still the same, the boys will ask if we can decorate our house just a little bit more and I will make a million excuses as to why our simple, subtle, lights are perfect this year BUT next year we can add a few things on.

Only we never do, or rather I never do.

Until now.

This year I have found the solution.

I will be able to completely cover the front of the house in Christmas décor. It will take me all of about 15 minutes to set up and the electric bill will one of insignificance as I will only require one plug and yes, I do mean one plug not one extension lead with 500 sets of lights plugged in to that.

Be hold the awesome invention that is The Star Shower Slide show from JML. This little beauty is the easiest way to get festive this Christmas. It comes with 12 slide shows that project onto your house so you can mix it up every day of the week or pick your favourite to see you through the holiday period. It really is as simple as it sounds, you put the stake into the ground, attach the projector, aim and turn it in. You can choose to have the pictures stationary, moving slowly or moving a little faster.

Christmas house projector

We had a little play around with ours last night and the boys were fascinated, they thought it was amazing, especially the tiddler who couldn’t work out how I had made it happen and was on the verge of believing I held the power of Christmas magic until his big brother pointed out the projector and ruined my fun. But still they loved it and just as we were playing around the neighbours came out and stopped in their tracks admiring the moving santa (and no doubt secretly wishing they had one too).

Christmas house projector

This Christmas house projector and slide show will not only have your house looking all festive in minutes at Christmas but it also has Halloween slides, an Easter slide, fireworks slide, a heart filled slide and balloon slide so you can literally use if for every occasion throughout the year. This is the ultimate piece of equipment for the busiest of busy people.

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