5 Things To Do With Your Old Jewellery

If you have a large jewellery and watch collection and you are unsure what to do with some of the pieces that you no longer wear then check out these 5 ideas for things to do with your old jewellery, hopefully they will give you some inspiration.

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Keep it in the family

For those pieces of jewellery that you don’t like anymore or that no longer fit but still have sentimental or even financial value then why not pass them on to someone in your family or even a good friend. Lots of people will leave jewellery to their loved ones in their will but there is no reason why you need to wait till you pass away for that jewellery to be inherited by someone else. If you know who you would like to give it to then why not gift it to them now, watch them appreciate it and see your old jewellery get a new lease of life too.

Sell it

If you do not have anyone that you would like to pass your jewellery on to then why not consider selling or pawning it and enjoying the proceeds now. This is the perfect solution for people that are asset rich but cash more and want to free up some money to help them enjoy life. Places like Chapes-JPL.com will happily give you a valuation of your jewellery if you are unsure what they are worth and the best bit is you can buy back your jewellery once you pay back the money they gave you if you want to. They don’t just give jewellery loans either you can also sell them your watches and other items. If you would like more info or to read some reviews then visit Sell Rolex Atlanta for everything you need to know.

Aside from pawnshops, you can also find trustworthy consignment stores to help you sell your jewelry. From timeless vintage necklaces to unique pre-owned engagement rings, many prefer buying secondhand jewelry to save money and as a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Seeking out pawnshops and consignment stores to help you with your old jewelry is a great way to start if you want to contribute to a more sustainable future.

things to do with old jewellery

Turn it into something new

Another brilliant idea is to take an old piece of jewellery and turn it in to something beautiful and unique. Most metals, including both gold and silver, can be melted down and reshaped and any gems such as diamonds and rubies can be removed and reset meaning you can turn an ugly broach or pendant in to a gorgeous ring or pair of earrings. You can create something that matches your personality that you love and want to wear all the time instead of holding on to something that you loathe just because it is valuable.

Hire it out

If you have exquisite pieces that are high in value that you don’t wear on a daily basis as they are simply too much then why not look at hiring them out. So many people now hire outfits and accessories for the big events and jewellery should be no different. By creating a jewellery for hire company you will still get to keep all your jewellery but you will also be making money from them too and letting other people enjoy them as much asĀ  you once did. A win win in my opinion. Just remember to make sure you have all the right insurances in place before you let someone hire any.

Donate it to charity

If non of the above appeal to you then don’t let your jewellery just sit in a box in your room doing nothing and definitely don’t throw it away, instead donate it to charity. You could either donate the pieces direct to a charity shop that can resell it on or, if it has a high value, perhaps you could approach a charity and see if they want to auction it off and then use the money raised from your kind donation to help the cause closest to your heart. This way your are freeing up room in your own jewellery collection for new pieces, paying it forward and helping charity.

I hope this 5 ideas for things to do with your old jewellery have helped you and that you can now have a jewellery clear out with a clear plan as to what you will do with your old pieces.