Bella and Bow Personalised Jewellery | Review

What is Bella and Bow?

Bella and Bow is a jewellery company which was set up by Kelly and Fiona. Two working mums who wanted to create a company that offered “a range of unique, handcrafted and individually sourced gifts that would bring a smile to every customer” and they have definitely succeeded in doing just that. They offer a whole host of items that can be personalised from necklaces to cufflinks, with non gender specific items available too such as keyrings.  The range of products available is brilliant as it means there is something for everyone.

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Why choose personalised jewellery from Bella and Bow as a gift?

Most parents will agree that a handmade gift from a child is worth far more than something shop bought. Especially when you can see how proud your child is of their creation and the joy they get from watching you open it. Personalised Jewellery from Bella and Bow  is the perfect mix of handmade and keepsake. These pieces can be created using the child’s hand or fingerprint or can even be designed by the children in a piece of art work. It captures both the ability to involve the child in making the gift but also the opportunity to spoil someone you love with exquisite jewellery that they will be proud to show off as opposed to a past necklace hidden under a jumper or a piece of art work that be stuck to the fridge door for a few months. It is also the perfect way to capture a moment in time, to remind yourself how little they once where and how precious those tiny fingers and toes are.

How do you make a Bella and Bow piece of Jewellery?

If you decide to create some personalised jewellery with Bella and Bow they will send you a do-it-yourself set in the post with easy to follow instructions. I was sent the set to create a keyring that would hold the handprints of my two sons, here is how we got on.

Our experience of making Bella and Bow jewellery

My five year old was very excited and wanted to go first, we wiped the inked paper over his hand and asked him to put his hand on the paper and then lift it up. Easy, no mess, no fuss and a beautiful clear hand print.

Bella and Bow

Bella and Bow

Then it was my two year olds turn. Not so easy!  He wanted to do it on his own, luckily you get a whole piece of A4 paper per child and you can take as many prints as you can fit on the page.  Then you mark the one you like the best so the guys at Bella and Bow know which one to use. Then pop it all back in the envelope and send it back.

It was simple, quick and easy.

No mess, no fuss.

 Bella and Bow

What happens next?

Bella and Bow are great at keeping you updated with the process. I got a message telling me they had received the prints and then a second message telling me when the jewellery had been created and dispatched.

The customer service I received was second to none. Friendly informative and quick to respond to any questions I had.

How long does it take to receive your items?

I was amazed at how quickly my item arrived. It was one week from returning our prints to the keyring arriving.

Bella and Bow

What is the quality like?

The keyring arrived in a beautiful presentation box, tied up with a cute little ribbon. If you are ordering one for yourself it makes it feel like a gift has arrived and if you have ordered for someone else then it arrives ready to gift, perfect!

Despite the very quick turn around the quality of the key ring was amazing. Both the keyring itself and the chain it is attached to are thick and sturdy. It looks and feels well made and like it will last.  It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. It is a stunning piece with clear hand prints and the names of my children on one side and our chosen message “made with love 29.01.15” on the other.

You can choose any message from a simple happy mother’s day to something more personal or private.

 11004857_10153254711217697_1279462722_n (2)

I was very impressed with Bella and Bow and I love my keyring. I would highly recommend to them to anyone looking to gift someone a personalised item and I also think that a voucher for Bella and Bow would make a lovely Baby shower gift for new parents to use once their baby has arrived.

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(The opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced by anyone else. The item was kindly given by Bella and Bow).