Struggles Every New Parent Faces With a Newborn

You are finally a parent, and although you are excited, you’re facing challenges that you have not encountered before. You’ve got the joys of watching your child grow up before your eyes, but that has come with the difficulties of sleepless nights, too much crying, and not enough time to yourself. This article discusses some struggles every new parent faces with their newborn.

Going for a Stroll/Walk

Going for a stroll/walk to the store is difficult with an infant because of their sleep schedule. You never know when they will fall asleep or wake up, and this makes it hard to plan your day around them. This unpredictability also causes you to be short on time, taking forever to get ready, go out the door, feed the baby (or yourself), change them if needed, pack everything back up again.

And then repeating the entire process after they inevitably need something else. It’s frustrating. You must always be on-point, which is exhausting and just impossible for a new parent who doesn’t have their sleep schedule entirely under control yet. Getting carry-around accessories like a Buggy, pram, stroller, or a Moses basket will help you move around easily.

Managing Your Time

As a new parent, the most frustrating part of your day is finding time for yourself. Newborns demand so much attention, and you want to make sure you always take care of them. You’ll feel guilty if you leave them with someone else, even just for an hour or two now and then.

It’s essential that, as parents, you understand there will be days where everything is overwhelming, but it won’t always be this way. One step at a time – one day after the other can help ease some stress off your shoulders because sometimes taking breaks from being “on” 24/24hrs can take a toll on you too!

Ensuring Your House Chores Are Done

It can be pretty tough to hold on to your house chores when you have a newborn baby. You’re likely exhausted and possibly sleep-deprived, so things like laundry piles up or dirty dishes stacking in the sink aren’t at the top of your priority list.

Trusting Others With Your Child

The most important thing to remember is that you need someone whose judgment and capabilities are trustworthy. So please do your research beforehand, ask for references from friends or family members, and talk about their experience taking care of newborns.

If possible, have a trial run before giving the sole caregiver responsibility. You can also read reviews online to help you select the right one for the job. Finally, take comfort in knowing it’s not always easy being a parent either – even when everyone else thinks they’re doing better than you!

Establishing a New Routine in the House

It is normal to feel overwhelmed and exhausted as a new parent because there are many things to take care of and not enough time. A newborn requires constant attention during the first few months, making it difficult for parents to establish a new routine in their lives. New parents need to remember that it will take time and patience to get used to their unique schedules, but over time they can adjust to a healthy routine with their newborn baby.


All parents experience some struggles that they must overcome to raise a new child successfully. However, the key is being aware and working with your partner towards overcoming these hurdles and having patience because every case is unique.