5 Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Whether you have set your self some new goals that you want to achieve, are still working on some long term ones or are just feeling a little lost in your life and need a new plan, these 5 tips will help you finally achieve your goals.

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Get specific with your goals

In order to achieve your goals you need to know what they are. That may sound simple but having vague goals will not keep you focused. Find some quiet time where you can sit alone undisturbed for at least 15 minutes, longer if possible, and really get specific with your goals. Write down the end result exactly as you want it to be achieved.

Maybe it is to start a degree in a specific subject at a specific university,

buy a new home in a certain area that meets your criteria,

land your dream job,

complete a fitness challenge

or even reach a target weight.

List these goals making sure each one is as specific as it can be.

Make a plan

Now you have a clear goal or goals that you want to achieve you need to work out how you are going to get there. Can your main goals be broken down into manageable chunks with each part becoming your next goal that you check off and use to monitor your progress?

For example do you need to save a certain amount of money before you can buy that house or rent that apartment? if so how much? and in what time frame?

Break that down again, how much do you need to save or earn this month and how could you do that?

Having a workable plan that you can follow with small manageable goals will keep you motivated and help you achieve your main goals.

Now you have your plan here comes the hard bit. Self-discipline and your full potential go hand in hand. In order to achieve your goals and reach your full potential you need to stick to your plan and remain focused keeping yourself accountable each step of the way.

Manifest your desires

Manifestation is a great way to achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter what those goals are you can manifest money, holidays, relationships and work related achievements.  It is all about asking the universe for help. However, in order for this to work you must also be working on your goals at the same time and staying focused. A good way to use manifestation to help you achieve your goals is by creating a mood board full of pictures that represents your finished goals. Pictures of houses in the area you want to move to, old pictures of you at the weight you want to get back to, holiday destinations you want to visit. Then keep looking at this board and imagining that you have already achieved that goal. How will it feel when that house is yours? Keep the vibes positive and don’t think about failing or the potential hurdles on the way. Simply concentrate on hitting each of your small goals and achieving the main one. The messages of positivity you send out to the universe are believed to come back to you.

Ask for help

Achieving your goals does not need to be a solitary affair. Ask for help if you need it. This could be from friends or family, it could be asking for extra shifts at work or even for a bank loan. Or it might be from asking for help in a more personal way such as from a doctor a counsellor or a hypnotherapist such as Pure Hypnosis | Sean Wheeler. Pure Hypnosis can help with a number of issues that could be stopping you from achieving your goal such as overcoming anxiety or improving your confidence. Or they can help you with more specific goals such as weight loss or smoking caseation. You can check out reviews for weight loss hypnotherapy in Atlanta and see how other people found hypnosis helped them achieve their goals before giving it a try yourself.  But if you do need help then ask, your dreams are yours for the taking and you only live once so make them come true.

achieve your goals

Re-evaluate your goals

On a regular basis go back to point number one. Sit back down with your pad and re-evaluate your main goals. Are they still the same or do you need to make a few changes? Did the breakdown you create work or are the smaller goals still too big and need to be broken down further? or perhaps they are too small and therefore you need to increase the challenge to achieve your goals quicker. Monitor your progress and remember that at any point you can ask for help, not just at the beginning.

If you want to achieve your dreams….

get specific, make a plan, manifest, ask for help, re-evaluate and achieve your goals in no time!