Top Features Buyers are Looking for in their New Home

Depending on their circumstances, everyone has their own list of priorities of what’s most important to them when looking for their next home; a newlywed couple will likely be looking for something totally different in their house search than a family of five. However, while certain attributes might be critical to one type of buyer and irrelevant to another, there are always certain overlapping trends. Here are some of the most popular features buyers are currently looking for in their new home

Double glazing and energy efficiency

Considering the recent increase in energy prices, buyers are prioritising homes with great energy efficiency which are cheaper to run. This can be anything from already having double glazing installed to looking for somewhere specifically with a good EPC rating.

Storage solutions

Finding a home with nifty storage solutions has also become a priority for many buyers, most importantly, walk-in wardrobes. After many home workers decided to fully adopt the hybrid working week going forward, they also realised that a organised walk-in wardrobe also gave them back a good sense of routine previously missing in the absence of their commute – not to mention spacious wardrobes are also perfect for providing homeowners with enough space to keep their clothes neatly stored away.

white classic styled built in wardrobe with empty shelves
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Home offices

Speaking of working from home, home offices have also skyrocketed as a priority feature for buyers looking for their next place to live. While working from the kitchen table or the sofa was okay for a few months at the start of the pandemic, this setup soon became less than ideal for those with larger families, or those who saw the move to home working as permanent. As a result, many buyers now look for houses that come with their own separate home office.


For many homeowners, the garden is seen as an extension of the living room; when the weather gets a little warmer, our outdoor spaces are ideal locations to host family and friends. This recent trend of moving the inside outside has meant that many buyers are now prioritising both the size and aspect of a home’s outside space, including the all-important hunt for a South of West facing garden.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has had a big effect on what buyers are now looking for in their new homes. Unlike the years before, it seems like homeowners are prioritising making their new home the one-stop shop for everything – including work and playtime.