Acropats | Review

This week we received a gift from acropats, a box of foam figures that connect together, bend  and float, suitable for all children over the age of 3.


When the package arrived both my boys, (6 and 3), were equally excited to play with them. My eldest noticed that they were in the shape of little people and once this had been pointed out my youngest thought it was hysterical. Straight away they started building and connecting the little men to see what they could do, they were so easy to connect that my three-year-old could join in without much difficulty, although he had to be quick or his brother would use all the pieces!

They made a number of different things including a tower, a wall, a box and their favourite  – a race track for their cars.


These foam figures are great for fine motor skills and creative thinking and as both a parent and a teacher  I love a toy that is both fun and educational.

When we unboxed the acropats both boys were playing with them in the lounge but I happened to tell them that they could also be used in the bath, however we kept forgetting to move them to the bathroom to test them out which was probably for the best as with the gorgeous summer weather we have had this weekend the boys have enjoyed some garden fun in their paddling pool and asked if they could use their new bath toys.

What a wonderful way to test them out.

These toys not only connect to create various shapes and objects but they also float making them an ideal bath, or now that summer is here, paddling pool toy. My boys had endless fun building various flotation devices  and then moving on to separating them and using them as individual little guys and making them jump into the water, they sure did get creative!

If you are a fan of messy play these could also be incorporated in to that too.

***Disclaimer, a sample pack was sent to us in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are mine***